10 Foods Made in China That Are Filled With Plastic, Pesticides and Cancer Causing Chemicals

China is well known for the specific cuisine and taste in food. And is also a great marketplace from where many products around the globe are being exported, including cheap food.

Yet, there have been many rumors circling around regarding the quality of this Chinese food, or if we can number it in the group food.

We’re used to the Chinese imitation products of almost every gadget found in the marketplace, whether that’s an Apple product or Versace product.

Chinese Products


But not only they lack quality, but they might contain large amounts of toxins.And on that online marketplace, including AliExpress, eBay and Amazon as the leading ones, can be now found even food for cheaper prices being shipped directly to your country.

However, I suggest you to think twice before ordering food, or buying a Chinese product from the grocery store. Since not only they lack the quality, butcan be filled with pesticides, plastic and other health hazards.

A list of the most hazardous Chinese foods you should definitely avoid, if you find your health important to you

1. First on the list got the imitation eggs. Yes, there arethese kind-of-eggs, that are made of Potassium Alum, Alginic Acid, Gelatin,Calcium chloride, artificial color and water, whose shell is made of calcium carbonate. It is for real, believe me. And consuming these eggs may lead to memory loss, and even dementia in the worst case.

2. You’ve probably never tried the new walnut type – stuffed with concrete. There was acase of a man who actually bought cement filled walnuts.

Wanting to increase the weight and get easy money, the vendor actually wrapped concrete pieces in paper to prevent the suspicious noise when shaken and sold these fake nuts like that.

3. Taking regard that pork meat is less expensive in China, as is on the market in most countries around the world, most of the restaurants include pork meat instead of beef in their specialties.

Sprinkle it with a beef extract and marinate the meat for around ninety minutes and voila you’ve got yourself a beef meat. A kind of magic, don’t you think.

Doctors advise to be really careful when consuming these fake beef products, made out of pork meat, since they can cause slow poisoning due to the chemical additives that contribute for the beef like taste.

4. I bet you’ve heard about the fake green peas so far. It was a main topic back in 2005 when some newspapers shared the story of peas, which is still hard even after boiling it for a long time.

It took three years for this was investigated and found out that it is actually created with soy beans and snow peas, green dye and sodium metabisulfite. Prevent yourself, and try to avoid purchasing Chinese produced peas. You never know what can it be made of.

5. Who thought that Chinese manufacturers would go so far to even producing fake instant baby formula, made of chalk as the main ingredient. This has not only led to many serious diseases, such is a big head disease, but resulted in dozen of children’s deaths.

6. The vendors’ imagination in China has no limit. It was also discovered that mud was sold as a substitution to black pepper, while at the same time flour was placed instead of the white pepper.

The excuse of the market vendor which placed these products was that these products are not harmful and cannot kill people. Even though, they may lead to other serious ailments which can later lead to the worst scenario.

7. On the other hand, being twice as cheaper, industrial salt, which is labeled as unfit for human consumption, was being sold as table salt.

In the course of 13 years, it was noticed that 788 tons of this product were being sold not only on the Chinese, but on the global market too. A repeated consumption of this salt can lead to severe physical and mental issues, including disorders of the reproductive system and hypothyroid issues too.

8. Fake sweet potato noodles. After various complains an investigation has proven that these noodles were actually composed of corn with an addition of industrial ink to contribute to the purple color and paraffin wax. We are all aware of what the chemicals can do to our organism aren’t we.

9. In addition to the fake green peas, large amounts of fake rice were seized believed that is produced from synthetic resin combined with potatoes.

The rice would not go soft, even after excessive boiling, which led to the primary doubts,which were later proven true.

10. And finally, what was thought to be used as a medical plant,ginseng, is nowadays not trustworthy at all, taking regard that the retailers of the powerful root wanted to make more profit on the easy way.

Not considering the fact that this may decrease the medical values of the root most of them practiced to boil the medical plant in sugar in order to make it much heavier. But what they didn’t consider is that this can only rip-off the customers, once they find it not helpful at all.

Considering the fact that these foods are not investigated until someone dies, the number of these fake items is still increasing.

Take care of your health and beware the products you’ll consume. Avoiding the above mentioned products will help you avoid the long-term diseases that come due to their consumption.

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