19 Uses For Vaseline You Didn’t Know

Below you can see 19 unusual uses for Vaseline which should make you include the jelly into your everyday routine. This amazing product can change your life in many ways, from keeping your cuticles and elbows from drying out, to preventing crazy streaks when getting a spray tan. Read the list below and see why you should use Vaseline every day!

  1. Vaseline is great for removing eye makeup – just coat your lids with it, then clean gently with a tissue.
  2. You can use petroleum jelly to highlight your cheekbones. Rub some of it on your cheekbones and the shine will attract light, creating a contoured effect.
  3. Add some food-dye or Kool-Aid powder in Vaseline and use it as a shiny lip gloss.
  4. Put some Vaseline on your skin before applying tanning products to get an even tan.
  5. Dab some Vaseline on pulse points like the wrists on your neck before spritzing perfume to make the scent last a whole day.
  6. Combine it with some brown sugar to create a powerful exfoliator.
  7. Put some Vaseline on your fingertips and sweep it across your brows from the inside to the outside to tame unruly eyebrows.
  8. Use the jelly to intensify your eye shadow. Mixing it with powdered shadows will create more pigmented colors.
  9. Whenever you’re low on moisturizer, add some Vaseline to prolong its use.
  10. Dab some Vaseline around your nails to get a perfect manicure.
  11. Use Vaseline to seal split ends on your hair by rubbing it between your hands then applying it on your hair.
  12. Smear some of the jelly on the dry parts of your skin to soften it and prevent drying out.
  13. Apply some Vaseline on squeaky door hinges to stop that awful sound.
  14. Put some of the jelly on stuck nail polish caps to unscrew it easily.
  15. Has a ring stuck on your finger? Apply some Vaseline around it to make it slide off easily.
  16. Polish your shoes with Vaseline and they will look as good as new.
  17. Mix sugar with 1/8 of a teaspoon of Vaseline to make a quick lip scrub. This will make your lips perfectly smooth and create a smooth canvas for lip color. You can also use this mixture to exfoliate your body – just substitute the sugar for kosher salt.
  18. Smear some Vaseline before dying your hair and you will prevent those annoying dye stains.
  19. Use Vaseline to make your legs glow. Rub some of it on your shins and you can easily get that Victoria Secret model glow. Mix some petroleum jelly with an old cracked bronzer and smooth it over your legs for a sun-kissed glow.
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