3 Ingredients That Cure Clogged Arteries, Fat in the Blood, Infections and Cold

This is one of the oldest German cures.

The recipe that contains 3 ingredients

You can prepare yourself this cure very simply with only three ingredients: lemon, ginger and garlic mixed with water. These 3 ingredients have a range of positive effect for human`s health. They boost the immune system, clean the liver, lower the levels of fat in the blood, and also may cure conditions like infections, colds, flu, arteries congestion, fatigue etc.

 This cure also stops free radicals to make harm to the body and prevents circulatory and heart problems.

 The recipe is:


Garlic- 4 cloves

Ginger- 1 (3-4 cm big)

Lemons- 4, with the peel

Water- 2 l


Peel the garlic, wash the lemons and cut them in pieces. Blend the lemons, garlic and ginger together and add them in a pot with water. Cook the mixture and stir it constantly. Just before it starts boiling, turn the heat off. Leave the mixture aside to cool down, then drain it and pour in bottles. The water and the lemons will neutralize the bad smell of the garlic. You should consume one cup of this drink every morning on an empty stomach at least 2 hours before meal. Shake the mixture before use in order to mix all the ingredients.

Enjoy this astonishing cure.

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