42 Clever Tricks For Cleaning You Must Know, They Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier

Cleaning the house can be frustrating for many of us. But, scientists have discovered that tidying up can also be a type of therapy that alleviates depressive symptoms and offers a sense of control in your life.

Our greatest complaint is that the whole cleaning process takes long, and in a couple of days the house is a mess again. These amazing and simple trick will save you time and also maintain the house tidy for longer periods of time. This will turn your boring chores into a free therapy.

42 Cleaning Tricks

1. Fill the tub with a few inches of boiling hot water when you clean the bathroom. This will heat up your bathroom, which increases the efficiency of the alkaline cleaning products.

2. Keep the mops and brooms hung in your storage area, don’t keep them down on the floor. This will prevent building up of mildew and dust.

3. Save some time when cleaning the oven hood filter by utilizing baking soda and boiling water.

4. Get the hair out of the vacuum bristles using seam ripper.

5. Many people don’t know that they can clean the vacuum filters by putting them in the dishwasher. This will maintain the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

6. Microwaving the sponge kills almost all germs.

7. You can use magic erasers to clean the keyboard, which means no more food crumbs stuck in it!

8. If you want to blow debris and dust from the exhaust fans utilize canned air.

9. Kool-Aid as a cleaning product probably sounds ridiculous, but it is in fact really efficienty. Just pour one packet in the dishwasher like a detergent to eliminate lime deposits and iron stains.

10. You can remove scrapes and scuffs on the tile floor using WD-40.

11. In order to freshen the smell in your house, use some vanilla extract in the oven. The sweet aroma will fill the rooms when you use it.

12. Don’t risk breaking the lightbulbs when you dust them, just clean them with a paintbrush.

13. Sprinkle some stain remover and baking soda on the mattress to clean it efficiently.

14. You can reuse the old fabric softener as perfect wipes for cleaning the baseboards.

15. If you want to remove the stains from your carpets you just need an iron, some white vinegar and water, and one rag. Mix two parts water and one part vinegar and put it on the stains. Next use the steam mode on the iron for half a minute. Repeat this process until the stain is completely gone.

16. Make a paste from vegetable oil and baking soda to clean the doors of the cabinets.

17. You can easily clean your lampshades with a lint roller.

18. Eliminate the sticky residues on the handles or other surfaces using a combination of coconut oil and baking soda.

19. To clean every inch of the toilet, just unscrew the lid of the toiled and clean the crannies and nooks using cleaning wipes on the tip of the screwdriver.

20. Wipe the windows with newspaper to make them perfectly clean.

21. Use hair catcher in the shower drain to prevent clogging of the drains.

22. Attach cleaning wipe on a wire hanger using a rubber band if you want to clean the inside glass of the oven door.

23. A couple of drops of water in combination with tartar sauce are the perfect mixture for cleaning the metallic appliances like toasters and kettles.

24. The inside of your toaster can be efficiently cleaned using a toothbrush. But make sure to unplug before you start!

25. Clean the inside of the washing machine using white vinegar, bleach and hot water. Put this mixture in the machine and set it on the longest spinning cycle.

26. Regarding the cleanliness of the washing machine, you should clean the plastic on the inside of the door. Water, bleach and a towel is everything you need to keep it without mold.

27. Spray white vinegar and water on a sock to clean the blinds.

28. Having a dish wand in your shower is a practical way to clean the walls while you shower. This will save you a lot of effort and time.

29. Clean the stains from sweat off the pillows with bleach and laundry detergent in the washing machine.

30. Put some antibacterial soap on the toilet brush holder to make sure that the germs won’t multiply. This way the brush will clean the toilet rather than spreading around even more germs.

31. You can utilize waxed paper to eliminate fingerprints and water spots from appliances that have chrome finish.

32. Use a binder clip to keep the sponge standing upright. This will prevent your sponge from staying in the water leaking from itself.

33. To eliminate cooked food from cast-iron, you can use salt. It will provide the needed friction to remove the old food without making any damage to the pan.

34. Use a toothbrush to thoroughly clean the draining holes. After you do this, put slices of lemon in the hole to freshen up the sink.

35. Not cleaning the dryer vents can cause house fire. You can clean them by eliminating lint from the lint trap and vacuuming the debris from the vents.

36. Run the iron over some salt while it’s set to steaming in order to make it perfectly clean.

37. Clean the window tracks using cotton swabs dipped in vinegar.

38. To eliminate debris and dust from the surface of your candles just use cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol.

39. Put a bag filled with water and vinegar on the shower head and secure it using a rubber band to make it look like new.

40. Clean the dust from the fan blades using some old pillowcase.

41. Cleaning the porcelain tubs and sinks can be a very frustrating job. To make this task easier, just use Bar Keeper’s Friend for amazing and quick results.

42. Maybe bagels are not something you’ll find in the cleaning kit, but they can be really efficient at cleaning paintings safely.

These tricks will help you make your home shine and make your chores easy and pleasant. So put on your cleaning gloves and try them out.

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