5 Chair Exercises That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat While You Sit

There are many job positions that require long hours of sitting and if we add the time spent sitting at home, it seems that leading a sedentary lifestyle is very hard to avoid nowadays. That is why we suggest performing the following great chair exercises to help you get in shape while sitting!

As statistics show, the average American has only 4 hours of free time a day and spends most of it on Facebook or other social media, watching TV, or doing other similar ‘activities’ that involve sitting all the time.

Moreover, they also show that the average American mother has only 36 minutes of free time daily, indicating the lack of time working mothers have in order to go to the gym or do any sports out of home.

However, your excuse of not having time to work out will no longer be accepted, as everyone can do some exercises at home or at least try performing the following five great chair exercises!

The following video consists of five excellent and very simple chair exercises, performed by the popular fitness trainer Denise Austin. These exercises can easily be implemented in the busy daily schedule of any workaholic or working mom.

Nevertheless, apart from regular exercise, it is also advised to always eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Spare at least half an hour every day to perform these exercises and you’ll soon get the body you always dreamed of!

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