5 Reasons Why Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness

The intelligent people tend to be less happy than the others. The things that make most of the people feel fulfilled and content, such as a successful career, loving family, and devoted partner, are not enough to prevent an intelligent person from feeling loneliness, sorrow, and melancholy.

Why Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness 

The intelligent people view life in a different way. They aim for bigger things and cannot be easily satisfied, which prevents them from enjoying the good things they have in their life. Here are 5 reasons why the highly intelligent people are unable to find happiness.

1. They feel lonely and misunderstood

The intelligent people have trouble finding a like-minded person who can understand their views and grasp their complex ideas.

They are unable to have a meaningful conversation with someone because most of the people cannot think from their perspective.

Most intelligent people feel lonely and misunderstood because no one values the profundity and complexity in which they can see and analyze the thinks around them.

2. They aim too high

Due to their high IQ, the intelligent people have an ability to imagine greater things, which prevents them from being satisfied with the things they have in their life.

They always try to find a bigger purpose, objective, and meaning. Their intense imagination doesn’t allow them to enjoy the good things that life has to offer.

They search for exceptionalism and uniqueness that don’t exist in reality because the ordinary life is too boring for them. The deep thinking individuals are unhappy since they cannot accept the world they live in.

3. They over-analyze life

The intelligent people are victims of over-analysis. They examine in detail everything that happens in their life.

They think excessively before doing anything, which results in frustration and confusion. The ability to analyze things is a great advantage.

However, paying attention to everything is exhausting and draining. Sometimes, ignorance is the fastest way to happiness.

4. They often develop psychological issues

Many studies have found a link between highly intelligent minds and psychiatric disorders, such as social anxiety and bipolar disorders. This doesn’t mean that all intelligent people suffer from some severe mental disorder.

However, even the ones who don’t, are exposed to the risk of depression which commonly occurs as a result of over-thinking.

Their constant analysis about everything around them leads to deep thoughts about life and death.

This profound thinking makes them search the meaning of their existence, which makes them extremely unhappy for no particular reason.

5. They judge themselves too hard

One of the reasons why the intelligent people are unhappy is because they are extremely hard on themselves. They have a tendency to judge their successes, failures, and everything else about them.

Usually, they compare themselves against the highest standards, and they end up blaming themselves for everything they lack.

The things that went wrong in their life serve as a reminder of their failures, which fills their minds with guilt and discontent. The frequent flashbacks of their past mistakes are enough to make them miserable and unhappy.

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