6 Natural Remedies of Benefit to Treating Sciatica

Sciatica is the name for a condition that causes sharp pain starting in the lower back and down to the leg. The symptoms usually appear only on one side of the body, but rarely on both sides.

This condition is caused mainly by lumbar nerves compressing, the nerves L4, L5 or the sacral nerves S1, S2, S3, or just by simply compressing the nerve and nothing else. Out of all sciatica cases, 90% are triggered by herniation of the spinal disc that presses the lumbar or the sacral nerves. Another reason for this may be lumbar spinal stenosis when the spine canal can narrow down and press the spinal cord (cauda equine) or the sciatic nerve root.

The Piriformis syndrome may also cause Sciatica. This syndrome is a neuromuscular condition or disorder, that occurs if the sciatic nerve is pressed and irritated by the muscle piriformis. Some other causes for this condition can be spinal cord tumor, pregnancy or spine trauma, and injuries.

The most common Sciatica symptoms

  • Leg pain that worsens while sitting
  • Tingling and burning feeling down the leg
  • Numbness, weakness and troubles in leg movement
  • Sharp unending pain on one leg
  • Severe pain that stops you from getting up straight

The best Sciatica treatment is just resting for as long as you can, for several days even. But, you can also help yourself with home remedies too.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is famous for its anti-inflammation properties and helping the sciatica symptoms too.  Just cut it in small tiny pieces, mix it with honey and consume before meals.

  1. Ginger

This one also has anti-inflammatory benefits and it is an antioxidant too, basically removes pain all over and boosts the immunity. Take a big ginger piece, grate it, and add it to water that boils. Let it cook for 5 minutes, afterwards strain it to get tea and consume at least 3 times daily.

  1. Fenugreek seeds

These seeds make removal of pain seem easier than before; they also keep the nerves and bones healthy because they are full of anti-oxidants and also act as anti-inflammation agents. Besides this, they offer you minerals and vitamins too. Take the seeds and grate them until powdery, and place them in jars. Take a tsp of powder to swallow with water every morning.

  1. Lemon water

This water is also agent against pain because it has protein, antioxidants, vitamin C, flavonoids, potassium and vitamin B.

  1. Celery and potato juices

Juice from these two foods can also relieve Sciatica. You can freely take 3 glasses of it a day, with no side effects. For flavor or color, add carrots in it.

  1. Chamomile

This herb is really good for soothing irritations of any kind in the body, so for this particular case, the muscles will be soothed and relaxed, and the sciatic nerve won’t be as much pressured as before, since chamomile is anti-inflammatory too.

Our recommendation is to make chamomile tea whenever you want. Boil water, add to it 1 tsp dry chamomile, let it sit 5 minutes or so, and strain. Have at least 2-3 cups daily.

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