9 Dirtiest Body Parts That We Never Thought Were Dirty

Exactly what will you answer if asked exactly what is dirtiest part in your body? You respond to might be rectum.

Many people consider anus as dirtiest part in body due to it exposure to faecal matter. However it is found by researcher at Harvard school of dental medicine that there are more than 615 different type of germs messing up your mouth, tongue and other part making them unclean of dirtiest.

So let have a search these part to know more.

1. Mouth

This might be shocking for you to understand your mouth is the dirtiest part of your body. Mouth is proven the house of 600 various kinds of bacteria resides in by researcher at Harvard school of oral medicines. So hope you got the point to clean your mouth properly.

2. Underarms

Your underarm is collection of more than 80,000 germs and that’s why it stinks. Deo and perfumes can smell good however can not deal with those germs; it’s your task to clean day-to-day with excellent anti-bacterial soap.

3. Ears

Wax offers lubrication to ear canal and safeguard from different bacteria, bug and water but due to this ear wax ear is the dirtiest part of the body. Not cleaning them can cause fungal infections. Ear has self cleansing ability still maintain external hygiene.

4. Tongue

Along with mouth tongue is also house of bacteria staying with it. Tongue modifications it’s colour due to germs. So whenever you clean your mouth do not forget to clean tongue in addition to tongue cleaner.

5. Finger nails

If you like long nails so this is for you to understand that skin under nails have most dangerous germs that could lead you to death if not cleaned appropriately. That is why it is always recommended to clean your hands and nails prior to consuming and making food. These bacteria might be extremely hazardous so beware.

6. Head

Itching in your head is not only triggered by dandruff itself unless it got mixed with germs makings your head another dirtiest part. Wash your hairs on routine basis to avoid these germs consuming your scalp.

7. Stomach button

Yes, your belly button consist of in the list of dirtiest part of body. It might be seen tidy but could function as a den for unseen germs. Not cleaning your navel can form marine stone in your stubborn belly button which latter could take kind of tumour. This is essential to clean it effectively whenever you bath.

8. Bottoms

Required not to go over more about this as we know numerous bacteria remain in filthy things so that rectum could be one amongst the filthy parts unless you clean it effectively.

9. Nasal cavity

Its n your face and you have not see any dirt in your nose however still it is surrounded by numerous minimal germs. You need to offer attention in cleaning this part as well.

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