A Man Had 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil 2 Times per Day in 2 Months. His Brain Changed

Alzheimer’s disease is an awful condition. How to and would you help someone to have their memory back and healthy? This is the story of Dr. Mary T. Newport. She is a pediatrician and her husband got this disease in his 50s.

Her husband, Steve, had dementia 5 years prior the MRI when he got the Alzheimer’s diagnosis. So in that point of his life he was in bad shape.


Many days in a row he was confused, could not handle spoons or forks or take something from the fridge.  She would ask him if someone called and he would say NO. After 2 days he would recall and deliver the message to such questions when it was late…

The frontal and parietal lobes in Steve’s brain and the hippocampus and amygdala were really atrophied and damaged severely. He had no short term memory but could make out new info days later at least. His wife thought his diet might play a big role in this issue.

Steve had the meds from the doctors but they were no good. He lost weight and got depression too. He even stopped running and moving rapidly and had tremors. Then, soon, his wife decided to cure him her way and studied many other options besides medical ones.

One drug she found was Ketasyn AC-1202 and this stopped the growing of Alzheimer’s in many patients during 3 months. She got into this more precisely and stated that the active ingredient was MCT medium chain triglycerides oil. So, this is the coconut oil! She rushed to the health shop.

She gave her husband 2 spoons of this oil twice daily with food combined. After 2 months, he was alert, happier and talked more.  Also his tremor was gone. After 1 year he saw familiar faces and talked with his family, walked in nature and around the block. Even more, he could read again which is uncommon with this disease. He was not fully himself but had the chance to improve even more.

She even adds that all were pleased with this progress and it was due to the coconut oil.

How does coconut affect this disease?

The brain needs nutrition, it needs even 60% glucose of everything you ingest.

But, an ill brain does not use all that glucose since it has hypometabolism, impaired cognition and decline too. The ketones are byproducts of fat breakdown inside and are energy replacement for the brain. They even regenerate neurons and nerves in the brain after damage.

In this case, neurons in some areas cannot take the glucose since it has insulin resistance developed. If those cells got in touch with ketones they could survive.

The ketones appear after we starve for some time but the MCTs can get oxygenized with the liver and arise more in ketones. Maybe 97% of the fats we eat are long chain triglycerides and these have 14-18 carbons. The medium chain ones have 6-12 carbons.

The coconut oil is a good candidate for curing Parkinson’s too, Huntington’s, drug resistant epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and even diabetes.

More evidence

A study from 2004 in the Neurobiology of Aging stated that this oil improves cognition in adults with memory issues. The study had 20 people with Alzheimer’s and other such issues and they were given placebos and coconut oil. After 90 min of the treatment, the coconut people had more beta-hydroxybutyrate beta-OHB, the strongest ketone in the body.

All people were fasting before this and their blood was tested before the coconut treatment, after the 90 rest minutes and after half an hour of the test for cognition. The dose was 40 ml.

Dr. Mercola said that Dr. David Perlmutter, neurologist, thinks avoiding fat and eating too much carbs is the core for Alzheimer’s and lifestyle has a great impact.

They both think fasting can be practiced with the oil treatment too for metabolic processes in the glycogen stores in the liver. This will also burn storage fat and you will reach ketogenic phase. This phase makes you lose weight the healthy way and makes the brain better, but it can be hazardous. When ketones rise too much, acidity in blood rises too and you will reach ketoacidosis which is really serious and fatal even. Stop eating sugar too, and gluten, to protect the internal flora.

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