A Quick Look In The Toilet Can Tell You If You’re Healthy!

This might sound weird, but yes, you should look what you are flushing in the toilet, after you finish your thing. Poop can tell a lot about your health and even it can save your life.

Poop is the ‘’leftover’’ form the food after your metabolism has absorbed all of the needed nutrients. In this way your body is eliminating the waste.

The way your poop smells and looks can be really indicative of what is happening inside your body.

Different kinds of poop texture can tell a lot about your health condition.

  • If you are doing ‘’your business’’ a couple of times daily, a soft blobs that have clear-cut edges is perfectly normal
  • If your body is unable to absorb the fats form the foods your poop will have soft and sticky texture. The reason for this is excess oil ant this is usually linked to pancreas problems
  • Sausage- shaped poop is perfectly normal poop, but, little concerning is that, if there are cracks on the surface of the poop, your body needs more water
  • Lumpy, sausage- shaped is also normal. You will only need to increase your water and fiber intake
  • Mushy and fluffy pieces with ragged edges is the border between normal and diarrhea. Increase the intake of liquids and consult a doctor because there might be an infection can resolve the problem
  • Separate, hard nuts indicates that your body needs fibers and water. Increasing water, fruit and vegetables intake can be very helpful
  • Liquid poop means diarrhea. Diarrhea is indication for infections. Drinking lot of water if you have this kind of poop, because diarrhea will make you lose lots of liquids
  • Smooth and soft means you are healthy

The color of your poop can also tell a lot about your health

  • Black color is indication that something is wrong and this problem should never be ignored. It usually indicates internal bleed that can be caused by ulcers or cancer. Seeing a doctor is a must in this case.
  • Brown poop means you are healthy.
  • Yellow poop indicates excess fat.
  • Immediately see a doctor if your poop is red or blood stained.
  • Green poop means that you eat too much leafy green vegetables. It can also mean that your food is moving to quick through the large intestine.
  • Light- colored, white or clay- colored indicates bile duct obstruction. It can be indicator that you are taking some medications. To be sure consult a doctor.

This signs can save your life so be sure not to ignore them. Drink a lot of water, consume more fiber and your poop will be health.

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