A Woman Consumed Turmeric Water Daily in the Mornings, and in One Year Something Happened

Maybe you have heard sometimes about a thing called turmeric, or you heard it in a context of benefits for the health. A smart idea would be to consume the turmeric in a certain form or shape with warm water and see for yourself why is it good. This thing is so healthy because reduces inflammation, slows down aging process too and is a spice that is used as anti-oxidant as well.

Why is turmeric almost magical in the healing processes? Because it contains Curcumin – an ingredient that has been researched more than 7000 times and it is proven to be really healthy.

If you need several reasons to consume it, here are 10 if not more, but these are more than enough!

  1. Eases up inflammation process

There exist many inflammations that are chronic and last for a long period of time; in connection with this, it was stated that the curcumin can fight these inflammations and complications off. It was said that it works even better than specially designed anti-inflammation drugs.

  1. Brain protection

It was studied and researched what can cause occurring of dementia and Alzheimer’s; if the levels of the growth hormone, known as Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) decrease, it can lead to these diseases. On the other hand, the curcumin is excellent for combining with this hormone because in this way it helps the brain to function nicely and preserve it as young as possible.

  1. Fighting off cancer

This ingredient has in itself many antioxidants, this is the most famous trait of Curcumin.

  1. Better digestion and digestive system functioning

Consuming the turmeric every day with no exception, can make your digestive system function better and digest food better.

  1. Heart safety and protection

The curcumin has been stated to protect blood from clotting and also it may be able to erase or remove some plaque buildups in our arteries. The Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin journal, in 2011, made a publication. Subsequently, a research team from University Nigata of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences, in Japan, made a discovery; after 3 weeks of implementing curcumin in a diet, the test rats had shown a much improved cardiac health.

  1. Helps with easing up the arthritis

The RA study of 2012 claimed that the curcumin is not a steroid, but is an anti-inflammatory ingredient (NSAID), and compared to diclofenac it is much more strong and efficient because it resolves the swelling and pain quicker.

  1. Keeps you younger

Because the curcumin helps with inflammation and cleansing the free radicals, of course by analogy it will keep you younger and more fresh for a longer time.

  1. Type 2 diabetes reversing with curcumin

In one study made in 2009, from the Univeristy of Auburn, it was claimed how turmeric can actually reverse the diabetes! This was officially a published material by the Biochemistry and Biophysical Research Communications.

  1. Liver protection

Why is the turmeric good for the liver? Because it creates a protection barrier for the liver against the toxins, but not just that, it can also refresh and rejuvenate damaged cells and make them regenerated. In addition, the gallbladder function is highly improved with turmeric.

  1. Better alkalizing in the body

It is a known fact that cancer “succeeds” only in an environment that is highly acidic – but the turmeric is alkaline so it balances this out.

Want to make the turmeric water? Here is how:

Take ground turmeric, approximately one tsp, add just a dash of 1 tsp black pepper – this should be in a warm water and mixed and stirred nicely. Keep in mind, you want to prevent the turmeric from hitting the bottom of the bowl, so stir and mix all the time, even while you take drink sips. To absorb the full 100& turmeric effects, drink this while warm.

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