After reading this you will never go to salon : We all have these 2 ingredients, just mix them and apply on your face for 15 minutes


4 tablespoons baking soda
1 tablespoon organic honey
2 teaspoons water (or less, just enough to form a thick paste)


1.Pour baking soda into a clean glass container. Add the honey. Now slowly add water a very small amount at a time, and using the handle of a spoon, form mixture into a thick paste.

2.Apply paste onto clean skin of face taking care to avoid eyes and nostril area. Allow the paste to sit for 10- 15min. It will begin to feel drier, but not hard or too tight. You may feel a very slight tingle.

3.Moisten a washcloth with warm water, wring it out, and buff the paste off face using gentle circular motions. Then rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

4.Any left over mixture can be used the next day or two. Just add a little water if it has hardened. Or, add water to leftover paste and use in the shower on your body as an exfoliator.

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