“Aluminum Foil” Benefits and How to Use

The aluminum foil isn’t just good for cooking in the oven or warping leftovers.

This foil can cure diseases to.

Aluminum Foil

According to the experience that alternative doctors have gathered over the years you can quickly eliminate:

  • Pains in the neck, joints, knees, arms, spine
  • Effects of inflammatory processes
  • Burns
  • Muscular pains
  • Postoperative scars

This magical material is perfect for a lots of troublesome, everyday issues.

Blast Fatigue Right Now

Aluminum foil is been used for years for getting rid of fatigue. Put several strips of aluminum foil in the freezer for  2-4 hours.

After that put the strips on your face and leave them until your muscle totally relaxes. Symptoms of fatigue and insomnia will be gone after you remove the strips.

Soothe Painful Joints

Aluminum foil is good for treating painful conditions like gout, arthritis, sciatica and heel pain.

This method is based on wrapping the foil around the painful area and use a medical bandage to keep it secure.

Repeat the treatment for 10-12 days and give yourself a two week break. Repeat the treat if the pain isn’t gone.

Alleviate Fresh Burns

Elements in aluminum foil can help soothe burns. Some universities advice their doctors to treat fresh burns with foil.

Burns firstly should be washed with cold water and dried with soft cloth. After that layer of burn ointment is applied covered with sterile gauze.

Next step is to wrap the gauze with aluminum foil. Keep all things wrapped until the pain is gone.

Phantom Pains, be Gone

You can experience phantom pains if you recently undergone an amputation surgery.

The answer is aluminum foil. By wrapping some foil over the affected limb you can help banish the pain. Remove the foil as soon as the pain is gone.

Get Rid Of a Pesky Cold

It is important for you to know how to treat cold and flu symptoms without antibiotics. By wrapping an aluminum foil in 5 or 7 layers on your feet and keep it like that for an hour or so.

After two hours repeat the process. Do this for a week.

Which Side of the Foil to Use?

Use the shiny side for heating and keeping the heat. Put the shiny side directly on the skin.

For protection from the heat and cooling put the matte side on your skin.

Both sides are equally effective so maybe it doesn’t matter which site you use.

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