An Ancient German Cure Unclogs Arteries, Stops Infections, Reduces Bad Cholesterol And Improves Immunity!

This recipe is originally from Germany and it was used for many centuries as a cure for several common diseases; high bad cholesterol, atherosclerosis, fatigue and tiredness, colds and various infections.

If your immune system is often failing to protect you or is weak by nature, you might be in great need to detox your liver firstly!

Only 4 ingredients:
  • Organic lemons with peel, 4
  • Ginger root 3-4 cm OR grated ginger 2 tbsp.
  • Large garlic, 4 pcs
  • ½ gallon water (2 liters)


Take the lemons and wash them nicely and thoroughly and after that cut them in regular pieces. Take the garlic and peel it nicely. All of this should be blended perfectly to get a smooth combination mixture.   Blend really, really, well! After the mixing and blending is done well put all of this in one pan and pour some water. Get it to a boiling point and stir all the time while it boils. When it is cool after that, strain it from excess pieces and particles and place it in a jar or bottle.

Drink this for 21 days (3 weeks), one glass is enough on an empty stomach, but only 2 hours BEFORE each meal in the day.

When the 3 weeks pass, you should take a break for at least a week and if you want to start this again you can do so for another 3 weeks and so on. Some may not like the taste but you can always add sweeteners – NATURAL ones like honey.

The good outcome will be visible in the first 3 weeks of consuming. The energy will be enormous and you will feel fresh and energized. Also, this beverage will aid in removing kidney stones and help with congestion (vascular type).

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