Asian Seafood Is Loaded with Pig Feces and Antibiotics – Read How to Avoid This

The natural shrimp that is not farmed is really healthy and tasty because it offers a lot of protein, as little or no fat and offers 75 grams protein for every gram fat.

This food item gives you omega 3 acids, vitamin B12, and vitamin D too.

But, this is not fixed for all the US shrimps on the market, because sadly they are farmed and harvested in artificial ways.

The biggest importer for the US of shrimps is Vietnam – more than 100 million pounds every year, equal to 8% of all the shrimps Americans consume in the US.

In the last 2 decades, the demand for shrimps in America has increased significantly and that created a high competition on the markets of seafood in general. This has caused consequences like keeping up with competitors for the price of health and safety of food items and health standards.

A study has stated that the shrimp farmers in Vietnam freeze the shrimps before they ship them to the USA, and the worst part is they are frozen in water not safe to be drank or cooked in.

Mansour Samadpour, a microbiologist, specialist in water investigation of shellfish farms, said that the water used actually triggers creation of bacteria and many diseases too.

Mansour even adds that the conditions are awful – ice made from filthy water, pigs, and other animals near the shrimp farms, everything so unacceptable!

In Asia, this is not the only food made in bad conditions. Investigators found that tilapia farm in Yangjiang, China, used geese feces and pig feces to feed fish!

The director of the Georgia Center for Food Safety University, Michael Doyle, stated how bacterial illnesses grow in number.

He adds that the Chinese use manure to feed fish and that manure has a lot of microbes and even salmonella!

We know by the logic that farmed food is worse than natural food because the farmed shellfish are fed antibiotics among who-knows-what-else.

Consumer Report published a study of farmed seafood conditions; it was found that farmed shrimp had more bacteria that is harmful side by side antibiotics, one more reason for you to avoid farmed shrimps.

These farmed foods have a bunch of bacteria and antibiotics in them, and this makes sense since they are raised in farms that require extra medicines and additives.

Even with this, the animals are put together tightly in small spaces for whole their life, and this also causes the disease to spread easily.

In a study with 342 shrimps, it was discovered that 60% had either vibrio, salmonella or listeria or even e.coli! in addition to this, professionals discovered that there are sulfa traces from antibiotics, oxytetracycline, and enrofloxacin.

So, 94% of imported US shrimp and sold in the US too comes from Asia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia examples of Asian countries. Still, the farm conditions are really low and diseases multiply because of too many antibiotics.

The Consumer Report also adds how in a conducted study it was shown that wild caught and raw natural shrimp in America had the LEAST bacteria from all tested samples of shrimp.

So in conclusion, it is a good advice to you to get away from farm shrimps and opt for more expensive organic, local and natural shrimps – cheaper foods don’t necessarily mean health and saving money! Avoid the antibiotic or feces poisons in the shrimps and keep your health it will be worth every cent!

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