Boil These 2 Ingredients, And Lose 5 Kilograms In A Week ! ( RECIPE)

Losing weight is a very hard process and starving won’t solve the issue.

The following homemade mixture can really help you achieve your goal in losing the extra pounds. It is so good that even nutritionists recommend it.

You’ll be needing 2 simple ingredients and in only 1 week you will lose 5 kg. A glass of water and a pinch of cinnamon is what you need.

The method: add 1 tsp of cinnamon into 250 ml of water and let it boil for 5 minutes. Remove it from the heat and then let it cool down for 10 minutes.

Consume it in the morning after you wake up on an empty stomach. You can also consume it in the middle of the day, or even before dinner. Take it in a course of 15 days.

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