Cancer Gets Killed After Eating These 7 Foods. Start Eating Them Right Away!

Recently in one medical study was stated that 7 casual foods/drinks that are tasty are enemies to the cancer!

These foods stop growing of tumors and are not fuel to cancer cells. They are even your most favorite foods maybe!

Examples are red wine, blueberries, tomatoes, curry, black chocolate and green tea. Also, expertas say these are more useful than chemo.

What is their power?

Angiogenesis is the term for creation of blood vessels in the body and this gets speeded up in certain life stages like in newborns. This is slowed down or stopped in grownups and it is activated only in repair after injuries of capillaries and tissues.

The inhibitor and activators molecules’ role is regulating this process.

Such inhibitors are crucial but the angiogenesis activators are needed to speed up more vascular cell growing when new blood vessels are made.

Specifically, these 7 foods impede the blood flow to cancer cells because they are anti-angiogenesis by nature.

So, they need extra blood vessels to have nutrients and spread inside the body (metastasis) in the blood. This is basically their growth conditioned by tumor ad its angiogenesis.

The established cancer cells release the angiogenesis activators or molecules that cheat our body to trigger more growth of new blood vessels that would bring oxygen to cancer and tumor cells.

This is why the medicine has invented drugs “inhibitors of angiogenesis” and their job is to be opposite of chemo since they don’t attack cancer cells and stop growing of vessels around the tumor.

With regards to all this, experts say it is good to consider the 7 foods below and keep angiogenesis normal. If you do this, you can stop growth of little tumors.

These foods can stop angiogenesis:

  1. Tomatoes- the power foods for stopping angiogenesis and as to a Harvard study, people that cooked tomato or ate the sauce more than 4 times per month, decreased risk of prostate cancer by 50%. This veggie has lycopene which is anti-angiogenic so it resolves fat and gets absorbed in digestive organs. Lycopene when compared to vitamin C, is increasing way more under temperature cooking with oil.
  2. Red wine- it has resveratrol which is antioxidant and is found in grapes skin. It is wonderful and it’s in the red wine. This wine lessens the chance of heart problems and prolongs life. Many studies say it kills and destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses too and prolongs animal life, also makes new cells, keeps glucose normal in diabetes, removes free radicals, stops cell damage from radiation and improves heart. To add, it also repairs DNA and it improves mental and physical conditions while it increases concentration. It removes bacteria, fungi and viruses while it stops the cancer. Just 225 ml red wine has 640 mcg resveratrol. Which as supplement is combined with grape and the dose is 200-600 mcg daily. A study proved that some red wines like Pinot Noir and Bordeaux have the most resveratrol.
  3. Raspberry and blueberry- these stop a lot of cancers and reduce oxidation stress while they inhibit angiogenesis. They have a dark color due to the phytochemicals that are the protection for cancer. They stop ovary cancer.
  4. Black chocolate- have some chocolate freely! Don’t avoid the sweets altogether even if you have cancer diagnosis. This chocolate protects the heart, improves mood and removes bad cells.
  5. Green tea and coffee- these drinks you already know and love also and you should since they are both healthy.
  6. Turmeric- this spice/food increases energy, removes toxins and fat also.
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