Chinese Women Do Not Get Breast Cancer. This Is Why!

This was a story of a mother/wife that is a professor of geochemistry, Jane Plant. At age 42, in 1987 she got diagnosis of breast cancer.

The doctors first said this can end her life. But, she had hope. She decided not to give up and she wanted to try and fight, but still the cancer re-appeared all over 4 times.

She managed to save her life only by making the lifestyle healthier and made a special healthy diet regime. With all these changes, she made the other women have more awareness for the health.

Her husband is a famous scientists that works in China, at the same time when she got the cancer. He explored why breast cancer rates in China are much, much lower and reduced. With his colleagues he reached a method that fights the cancer and saved his wife too. This is notorious method, but it brings success. It is public and known, so why not consider it?

The story of Jane

My husband has sent to me many notes and letters from his Chinese colleagues. They had many herbs included in the texts. We thought this was not a good idea and we laughed because after all breast cancer is serious thing. If they really worked, then Chinese women indeed knew how to keep the health by some miracle.

I still thought women in China have no chances of breast cancer! I decided to explore more every day.

We both needed some rational and logic explanation for this cure. We analyzed some data and expertise opinions regarding the fat percent in diets. In the 80s, experts claimed to discover how fat is 14% of a regular Chinese diet compared to the 36% of Western eating habits. Still, my diet had many fats and little if no fibers. Even more, me being a scientist, I was aware that fat has nothing much to do with breast cancer.

One day, one team expert said that Chinese people eat no dairy! This was a shock and a happy one too. All became clear to me and I felt I was close to my final decision.

The Chinese colleagues refused cheese plates, some friends refused drinking milk and all these little facts made me think more clear.

The Chinese think our obsession with dairy is too much and also I can’t think of a Chinese person that feeds their kids with dairy.

I recall of a meeting with the China delegation in the 80s, not one of them had ice cream or pudding when they saw there is milk in these. But also, we, the rest anticipated the second portion. I know that 70% of the population in the world has no tolerance for lactose and cannot digest the dairy! Also, many allergies are due to milk in the diet. Nutritionists say this is mostly seen in adults.

I had a lot of dairy products before the cancer. Yoghurt, skimmed milk, low fat cheese too. I also had cheap minced beef meat from dairy cows. I ate organic yoghurt for the “good” belly bacteria and good digestion, but during the chemo I was in the stage 5 of the cancer.

Still, ovary cancer, I discovered, was connected to eating yoghurt back in 1989. Then hundreds of women got checked by Dr. Daniel Cramer of Harvard University. He monitored the diets of these women too and advised to remove the dairy things like milk, butter, yoghurt, etc.

All of a sudden, everyday other items like cakes, biscuits, soy, soups, sunflower and olive oil, margarine are much like the dairy!

The chemo was almost non-effective in the 5th lump of the cancer measured with caliper. The lump stayed the exact same size as during the chemo and that moment I realized I am ditching the dairy.

I had no dairy for 15 days and the lump began to itch and shrink! It even got softer…

This meant smaller size and reduced tumor! It was cured, not just smaller and smaller.

After 6 weeks of no dairy, and 1 hour meditation daily I could no longer feel and spot this lump. Even my husband couldn’t see it. I then headed to the Charing Cross Hospital, London, and had meeting with my specialist for the next Thursday. He saw my neck and he also saw no lump. He was shocked as we were and when I told him of my diet regime, his skepticism was increased. Still, he also advised on less and less dairy to many patients.

Nowadays, I link dairy and breast cancer just like we all link lung cancer and smoking.

I firmly stand by my theory that due to my diet I saved my life, kept my hormones balanced and breasts healthy! A lot of you might think this is nonsense but some milk ingredients do cause such problems. I am a proof of that!

Here is the video where Professor Jane Plant explains how she saved her life!

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