Clear your Sinuses Using Just your Fingers!

Inflammation of the sinuses – most patients are tortured by this precisely in the fall and winter months. Some people even from the simple cold get sinusitis.

Chronic sinusitis, except viruses can cause fungal infections, allergies, and anatomical deviations, as distorted nasal septum. Sometimes some medical problem can be solved with techniques based on physics, not chemistry.

Clear your Sinuses

In this way you will avoid all that strong drugs, and get rid from the pain to a simple and more effective way. With touching specific pressure point you will get rid from the pain in the head, nose, ears.

We present this interesting method that will cleanse nasal passages and sinuses get rid of their pain. Of course this method can’t completely heal, but it can help in critical situations.

  1. Use tongue and press between eyebrows

Step 1: Put your tongue on the palate and good press, do the movement seemed to want to drag language throat and keep pressing.

Step 2: Place the thumb on a point somewhere between the two eyebrows.

Step 3: Press your thumb between the eyebrows and at the same time press in the language of the palate. This pressure should take about 30 seconds.

If the whole procedure is done properly nose immediately you begin your run and your sinuses will get rid of accumulated mucus.

  1. Apply pressure across eyebrows

When your sinuses are blocked, you need to clear it. The best way is to avoid pressure across the eyebrows, and that will lead to mucus movement.

Place your fingers in the start of each eyebrow and lean the head forward, resting on the elbows.  After a few second the pressure will shift, then you should slide the fingers through the eyebrows middle.

Hold until you feel relieve. At the end slide fingers to the end of eyebrows, press and hold for a few seconds.

  1. Mini-Massage

Press against the notch of collarbone firmly and in a repeated manner with the tips of your fingers, to stimulate the flow of the mucus.

Other way is to make V shape with the hands and pump on the neck sides to stimulate the movement of the lymph fluid.


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