Detox Your Liver In No Time With These 6 Foods

If you want your body to work properly and smoothly, your organism has to be clean.
Our eating habits, everyday lifestyle and stress can have a negative influence over our body and can cause different health problems. Our liver is a very important organ when it comes to our health.

It is responsible for releasing harmful substances and eliminating toxins which are built up in the organism.
The liver regulates all chemical levels that are happening in our organism. This emphasizes that the health of our liver is very important.

Inside the liver the production of bile happens and it helps in the breaking down of fats and it encourages proper digestion. Detoxification happens when the blood passes through the liver and many nutrients are preserved in order to keep our body healthy and operative.

From all things above you can see that the health of our liver is very important and it can have a great influence over the health and physics of the other organs in the body.

There are many plans for liver detoxification and some of them function properly. However, in order to be sure that the liver is functioning properly a healthy diet is very important. We present you 6 foods that can help you to supercharge your liver and keep it healthy:

1. Garlic

It has many health properties and it is perfect for cleaning the liver. Many people dislike its strong odor, but it has many minerals and antioxidants and it will help you a lot.

It is full of arginine and selenium and it will help you to clean the blood vessels and the blood pressure in the liver.

Garlic contains a lot of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 as well. These vitamins are amazing for detoxification and they prevent damage of the blood cells. That is why they can enable detoxification and prevent blood cells damage. Remember to eat more garlic

     2. Grapefruit

It contains a lot of glutathione and Vitamin C and it can protect your liver. Our liver naturally produces glutathione and it feeds the liver with different important proteins and chemicals and keeps your body safe from many diseases.

It will protect the immune system from malicious attackers. It contains more than 70 mg of glutathione, which is enough for producing detox enzymes which will keep your liver healthy.

3. Vegetables

Go green! All green and leafy veggies are very important for a healthy liver. They contain many antioxidants and that is why these vegetables can regulate clean chemicals and pesticide and metals levels that are built in the organ.

You should eat more spinach, arugula and chicory. They are all natural liver and body washers which preserve all important nutrients the body needs.

In order to increase the level of enzymes in your liver and to detox properly you should eat more cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

4. Avocados

They are amazing liver cleansers and they contain many important substances. They contain a lot of glutathione, Vitamin E and C and they can completely detox the liver. Its cells will not be damaged.

What’s more they prevent inflammation and disable the release of free radicals. They are able to maintain the cholesterol levels.

5. Walnuts

If you want to release ammonia from your liver you should go for walnuts. They are full of the amino acid arginine, Omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione, that can reduce the release of free radical and preserve the healthy fats which are stored in the liver. These fats will keep the liver structure healthy, active and functional.

6. Turmeric

It is based on curcumin. Curcumin can prevent inflammatory processes and can keep the bile healthy. It can boost the regeneration of the liver cells and can clean traces of toxins and alcohol that can damage this organ.

Many foods go well with turmeric and you should include it in your everyday diet as much as you can.
In the following video the expert Herbalist, Ron Teeguarden is going to tell you how to avoid health problems and have a strong liver.

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