Doctors Are At A Loss For Words!! Cinnamon Turns Out To Be A Natural Substitute For Insulin.

On this occasion we are going to talk about the extraordinary spice called cinnamon. Its usage is highly recommended for the diabetics, especially in their every-day diet, given the fact that cinnamon has an anti diabetic effect, the one that reduces the levels of glucoses in blood.

In a certain way it works the same as insulin; they say it has mimetic features. ’’Mimetic’’ means that it copies or that it acts and reacts in the same way as the insulin that our body produces naturally.

A scientific research by a university in California revealed that cinnamon has a substance called methyl-hydroxychalcone. This component has an antidiabetic effect, and at the same time reduces the levels of glucoses in blood. Glucoses is the main cause of excessive weight gain: if we didn’t have glucoses, we wouldn’t put on weight.

If we wanted to lose weight, we would have to reduce the glucoses levels. The key advantage of cinnamon is that it contains the substance that reduces glucoses, since it is very similar to insulin.

Cinnamon has an anti fungal property, that is, it treats all types of fungi. It is recommended to take two tablespoons a day, so let’s see what the best way to use it properly is.

-2 tea spoons of cinnamon powder (if you are diabetic, only one)
-1 table spoon of whole oats
-1 glass of water


This extract is very easy to prepare, and we are going to start noticing its effects in about a week’s time. We need to liquefy each of the ingredients very well, without straining them. It is necessary to take this extract twice a day for no more than 15 days, since cinnamon could affect the intestinal flora.

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