FDA Finally Proved That The Chicken Meat Contains Arsenic That Causes Cancer

The associated Press stated that FDA proved that the chicken meat, which was closely examined, contains inorganic cancer-causing arsenic. Even though this problem has been put off for a while, FDA has finally decided to announce that the chicken meat, which is available at the US market, contains inorganic arsenic.

Namely, arsenic is a harmful chemical that causes cancer, and represents a health hazard when it is taken in high dose. Nevertheless, what is more important is that arsenic is added to the chicken meat purposefully. Years ago, or in 2006, the report of the IATP, titled Playing Chicken: Avoiding Arsenic inside the meat you consume, has shown that over 70 % of the chickens, which were kept for the US market, contained arsenic. Chickens were filled with arsenic in order to gain weight quickly, whereas the hogs, turkeys and chickens to get their normal color.

FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, found out that nearly half of the chickens, that were examined, contained inorganic arsenic, the most harmful chemical that can be found in the liver. Respectively, they asked the Pfizer to put off the process of production of Roxarsone, a drug that contains arsenic, which was put into the chicken’ food in order to gain weight easily and to get normal color.

According to the Wall Street Journal, FDA did a research which included over 100 chickens. The research has shown that in the livers of the chickens were found high doses of arsenic, which were healed with 3-Nitro contrary to the treated chicken. Pfizer also emphasized that the sale of 3-Notro will have been prohibited by July, so that the producers will have enough time to take up another treatments.

However, although the arsenic drug was removed from the US market, FDA promotes their campaign, claiming that the chicken meat contains minimal doses of arsenic, which means that it is completely safe and healthy. It will be the same when the FDA would state that the arsenic is a carcinogenic drug, which means a bigger risk of getting cancer.

To add, what the industry is trying to hide from the public is that the inorganic arsenic is very harmful for the overall health of the people. The University of South Carolina, at the Department of Environmental Health Sciences warned the people that the arsenic, as well as mercury and lead, has side effects on the developing of children and fetuses. To sum up, it has been emphasized that the arsenic is 4 times more toxin that the mercury. Moreover, it has been also emphasized that the trivalent arsenic As + 3 is sixty times more poisonous than the pentavalent arsenic As + 5.

A research, which was published in the Journal of American Medical Association, has shown that the people, who consumed arsenic-tinged rice, have experienced significant cellular changes related to cancer.

Until now, numerous reports have reported and proved that the inorganic arsenic can lead to massive cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma of the skin, Bowen illness (cell carcinoma in situ), as well as liver, lung, bladder or kidney cancers, which are rare.

On one hand, what is more important when it comes to the chicken meat is the fact the FDA continues to assert that the chicken meat is totally safe and healthy, even though it contains arsenic which causes cancer. On the other hand, they advise people not to consume elderberry juice, because it may lead to side effects.

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