Finally – The Cure For Diabetes Is Here

Did you know that only in America, there are more than one million people who are suffering from diabetes type 1?

But now, recent findings have shown that the Bacillus Calmette – Guerin vaccine, which is used to treat tuberculosis for over 100 years now, seem to be the solution to this problem as well.

Cure for Diabetes


This same vaccine nowadays is used to treat bladder cancer, and in both ways has proven to be extremely effective.

The announcement that 150 people who are suffering from diabetes type 1 will receive this vaccine was made yesterday, within the 75th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association.

In this type of diabetes, the body does not produce any insulin because all of the cells who create it in the first place are destroyed by the immune system.

However, what is created are the T cells, who produce insulin, but in the pancreatic area, causing issues. Well, this vaccine can eliminate those T cells.

The patients who were injected with this vaccine, were found with a growth in the amount of a tumor. And, when the THF levels increase, the T cells, that prevent the creation of insulin, are being destroyed.

This was once proven before, with the same vaccine, and in both cases, some people even started producing insulin for themselves.

One of the doctors involved in this case, dr. Denise Faustman, claims that she is very happy with these results. She adds that even though these were only the results from the preliminary tests, they will continue working on it until they get long term results. She also added that they are creating a system to treat the most advanced diseases.

They are conducting a new trial, which is going to start this summer and last for the next five years. It will include patients from 18 to 60 years old, and within the first year, they will receive shots twice within a month, and the following four years they will receive one vaccine in each year.

But, besides all of this, there are some researchers who do not believe that this plan will fully work. One of them, doctor Robert Sobel, explains that no one should have come out to the public claiming that the vaccine will cure all of the million infected people in the USA.

He would like for the research to continue and get the best results, but for now, he believes that this should be kept quiet, for the sake of the people, just not to get their hopes up too early.

This final test will show whether the vaccine can really be of help or not. Fingers crossed!

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