Get Rid Of Your Glasses, Improve Your Vision Without Wearing Glasses With This Simple Method

If you want your muscles to stay strong and not to weaken, you have to use and exercise them.

For instance, the leg becomes weaker after a fracture and usage of a wheel chair or walking aids. The muscles around the eye have to be used and exercised as well.

Wearing eyeglasses and not exercising the muscles of your eyes weakens your sight. The muscles around the eyes have to be treated as all the other muscles of the body.


If you want to improve your eyesight and see normally without wearing the glasses you have to follow the following rules:

  • Close your eyes throughout the day every three hours. Keep them closed for a couple of minutes. Don’t apply to much pressure on your eyes.
  • Your eyes need exercise. Follow the listed lines to improve your eyesight.
  • Forget about the glasses.
  • The eye massages of the specific spots should be done every day.
  • Improve-Your-Vision1The pressure on the eyeball should be applied with the middle finger and the index finger. The pressure should be light and then you should press the other specific points with the index finger.
    • Look into distance when you are taking a walk.
    • A mixture of carrot juice and few drops of olive oil should be consumed on a daily basis.
    • Your eyes should be washed with warm water.
    • You should not use a computer two hours before you are planning to go in bed.
    • The Indian exercise called Trataka is also useful for your vision.

    This Indian exercise helps you develop focus and stimulates the third eye. In this type of meditation you should focus on a specific point that is at moderate distance from you.

    Your eyesight and mind should be both focused only on the object that you are looking at. You should stare at the object until tears come from your eyes. At this moment, you should close your eyes and rest them and yourself.

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