Green Potatoes Are Very Dangerous To Health, Strictly Avoid Them!

Potatoes are widely used as a primary ingredient in many cuisines. But did you know about green potatoes? They are green because of the huge amount of chlorophyll. We are sorry to have to disappoint you, but the green potatoes are very dangerous for your health.

Scientific studies suggest that green potatoes contain large amounts of solanine, a toxic chemical that can cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, headaches and many other diseases, if consumed by mistake.

The high amount of chlorophyll is the main reason for the green color of the potatoes, and chlorophyll is basically harmless to health. But that is more like a signal that the amount of solanine, which is produced at the same time as chlorophyll, has also increased.

Pavlista Alexander, a professor at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, said that- a man of 50 kilograms would need to consume about 450 grams of green potato to feel nausea.

He also added that green potatoes should never go on sale in the market. He always suggests that potatoes should be stored in a dark and cool place to prevent the production of solanine, and their green areas should be removed before consumption.

If green potatoes are bitter, throw them and do not consume them. They are proved to be harmful, so just stay away from them.

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