Guyabano: The Natural Cancer Treatment Food That the Pharmaceutical Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Soursoup or guyabano tree grows in Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. It is considered one of the most effective anti-cancer fruits and there are many animal-based research studies proving so. It is so powerful in treating cancer, that studies show that the fruit kills cancer cells unaffected by chemotherapy.

Despite so many findings in research studies, it has not gained the acceptance it deserves from the medical world because it is a natural cure for cancer.

How Soursoup Fights Cancer?

According to researchers, guyabano extracts have the following properties:

  • It protects the immune system and prevents serious infections.
  • It fights cancer effectively and safely as a natural therapy. There is no nausea or weight loss like in chemotherapy.
  • Makes your body stronger and boosts energy levels. This is quite important when someone is already suffering from cancer.

According to a study published in the Journal of Natural Products, 1996, a special compound found in the guyabano seed helped in select cytotoxicity towards colon adenocarcinoma cells. The study found the fruit’s seeds to have more powerful effects the than adriamycin.

Studies also show that the fruit is beneficial in protecting the immune system. It helps improve your energy levels and makes you feel stronger and healthier.

Guyabano Destroys 12 Cancer Types

According to another study, guyabano extracts were found to target and destroy malignant cells in the case of a dozen cancer types including those of the breast, colon, pancreas, lung and prostate.

It is interesting that the study was conducted by a major drug manufacturer and covered more than 20 lab tests starting from the 70s. These series of studies have confirmed the following anti-cancer activities of guyabano:

  • It kills malignant cells in up to 12 types of cancers.
  • Compounds extracted from even the tree were found to be thousands of times more effective than adriamycin in inhibiting cancer cell growth.
  • Guyabano extract targeted only cancer cells and not healthy cells which is usually the case with chemotherapy.

Other Health Benefits

Besides targeting cancer cells and killing them, soursop has many other health benefits too. It is packed with so many types of vitamins and minerals, many of which are very rare to find in other food sources.

These include the following:

  • It supplies relatively higher amounts of thiamin. This vitamin is required by the body for converting sugar into useful energy.
  • Soursoup also packs good amounts of calcium. It helps preventing bone loss.
  • The niacin prevent in soursoup is effective in controlling cholesterol levels. This vitamin is proven for helping maintain good cholesterol levels.
  • The riboflavin content in the fruit is considered beneficial for preventing headaches and migraine.
  • High levels of iron help in preventing blood disorders including anemia.
  • Guyabano also helps in fighting constipation. It is rich in fiber which helps in improving bowel movement, weight loss, and even colon-related problems.
  • Because the fruit has high amounts of potassium in it, it is great in curing or preventing muscle weakness and leg cramps. You can compare guyabano to bananas in terms of their high potassium levels.
  • The high vitamin C levels in the fruit help in curing and preventing urinary tract infection. It helps in killing the harmful bacteria in the urinary tract.

Guyabano is also recommended for pregnant women. It is considered to help prevent the risk of complications arising during pregnancy. The fruit has folate that helps in preventing deficiency. Folic acid is a must-have nutrient for pregnant women and the fruit can supply all of it. Soursoup has also been found to help reduce premenstrual symptoms in women by preventing water retention.

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