Here’s How To Choose The Perfect Watermelon, This Trick Will Make Your Life A Way Easier

1. Beauty is important
You are searching for a symmetrical and solid watermelon that has no dents, cracks or soft parts on its crust. The nature of the damage on the exterior is not important since it is transferred on the inside of the watermelon. Certain irregularities happen during the growing of the watermelon because there is lack of excessive sun exposure or water.

2. Lift

The mature watermelon should have 92% water and 6% sugar, which means that if you put watermelon in water, a small part will float on the surface. However, we are sure that you won’t take a bucket of water in the supermarket.

The best way is to to take 2 watermelons that are approximately equal size and compare them in weight. Buy the heavier one, because it will be the sweeter one.

3. Check the spot where the watermelon is leaning

The area where the watermelon is supported needs to have a yellowish color. On that area the watermelon rests on the ground surface and it matures in the sun. However, it is better if that place is darker. If there is no such place on the watermelon or if that spot is light it means that it was picked too soon.

4. Color

Matte or dark green is the color of a perfectly ripe watermelon. If it is shiny, it is very likely that the watermelon is less lenient.

5. Knocking

Many people say that this method is perfect to discover if the melon is ripe or not. The secret is in sound analyzing. If the watermelon is immature it will have a deeper tone.

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