Honey and Baking Soda: A Cure That Removes Even the Most Serious Disease

Imagine mixing baking soda with honey or maple syrup – sounds bizarre since we know cancer cells grow and feed on sugar and acidic environments. However, in this case only, the sugar is not harmful.

The cancer cells cannot grow now and cannot use up the sugar supplies since the baking soda neutralizes the environment. The maple syrup and honey are opposite cancer cells (that take up 15 times more glucose, compared to healthy cells). The baking soda can enter in the cancer cells and slowly destroy them, thanks to the syrup.


baking soda and maple syrup OR honey

Preparing and method:

Mix up one part of the soda and 3 parts maple syrup/honey. All should be mixed well to get a homogenous smooth mix. Cook and simmer this mix on low temperature around 10 minutes. After the cooking that is it, ready to use.

How to consume it:

Take 3 tsp of this recipe during the whole day, do this at least one full month.

While you practice this therapy and curing, GET AWAY from meaty proteins, sugar, and flour.

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