How To Recognize If You Are An Indigo Child?

Indigo Children are children who are believed to possess exceptional and unusual traits or abilities. These children exhibit feats of intelligence and intuition that go beyond their years.

The concept of an Indigo Child was developed by the author and teacher Nancy Ann Tappe. In 1982, she published a book, called ‘Understanding Your Life Through Color’, which focuses on the metaphysical concept of various colored auras that the people can possess.

Indigo Child

She claims that she has noticed many children who were born with indigo color auras during the 1960s.

The Indigo Children possess certain traits that distinguish them from the other people. Here are eight characteristics which indicate that you are an Indigo Child.

8 Characteristics That Indigo Children Possess

  • The Indigo Children are perceptive and they have unusually brilliant ideas. They have an ability to provide a simple solution to a complex problem.
  • The rules and regulations that are followed by the majority are considered to be trivial to the Indigo Children. They are strong-willed independent thinkers who have a unique way of doing even the simplest things.
  • The Indigo Children are challenging to discipline. The traditional parenting methods do not prove to be effective with these children since they reject the authority that allows no choice and they refuse to do what is expected of them. This usually causes friction with teachers and parents.
  • They have incredible intuitive skills. These children always seem to see, hear and know things that the others cannot explain.
  • The Indigo Children can be extremely emphatic towards the others. They have wisdom that even the people who are three times their age do not possess.
  • They can process information far much faster than an average person and they require a lot of movement to stay focused. They have high energy levels which have to be correctly balanced. Otherwise, they can be prone to anxiety and depression, as well as ADD and ADHD.
  • They are creative right-brain thinkers. This characteristic, combined with their high intelligence quota, can be responsible for giving them a hard time learning in a traditional left-brain school system.
  • Due to their different nature, the Indigo Children are usually considered to be oddly anti-social by their friends and family. They can only feel comfortable and understood when they are with other Indigos like themselves.
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