If You Mix A Little Salt And Olive Oil, You Will Not Feel Pain The Next 5 Years

Neck osteochondrosis is a tough and painful condition. However, it can be cured using natural ingredients. After applying this mixture, you won’t feel any pain for five years!

This massage mix is made with unrefined vegetable oil and salt – use ten tablespoons of salt and twenty tablespoons of olive or sunflower oil – whichever suits you best.


Simple: mix the two ingredients in a glass container and close it. In a couple of days, you should get a light mixture in the container.


The mixture is to be applied every morning on the affected area, followed by a strong massage. Start massaging for 2-3 minutes, then increase the time for 2-3 minutes daily until you get to a 20-minute massage sessions. Clean your neck with a damp cloth afterwards.

The treatment may cause a light skin irritation, easily manageable by putting baby’s powder on the neck after the massage.

After just 10 days, the treatment will stimulate blood circulation and improve muscle regeneration of the cartilage and bone tissue. The changes will be felt after 8-10 days!

Your headaches will disappear, the blood flow will be restored and your vision will be improved. These changes will be felt because the body is cleansed from toxins, and its metabolism is now normalized. It’s normal to feel a little dizzy during the treatment. Your neck pain will disappear soon without any side-effects and the mixture will provide amazing results!

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