Make This Amazing Drink And Get Rid Of The Uric Acid And The Joint Pain Forever

In the text below you can find a recipe of an amazing and natural juice which will help you to get rid of the excess uric acid in your body and the terrible joint pain.

In addition, it is also helpful for the immune system and the overall health too.


Pineapple: The pineapple juice is a perfect pain reliever and has anti-inflammatory properties, since it is rich in bromelain.

Grapefruit: Another anti-inflammatory fruit is the grapefruit, which soothes the discomfort due to the huge amounts of Vitamin C.

Cucumber: It is powerful diuretic which prevents kidney stones and fights the inflammatory processes in the body. It also successfully eliminates the uric acid and its negative effects.

Ginger: It is perfect for eliminating toxins from the body and it fights inflammation too.


• A glass of sliced pineapples
• One grapefruit
• One cucumber
• Two inches of ginger
• Water


The preparation is very easy. Put all the ingredients into a blender and mix them well.


Take the juice every day before meals. You will notice the improvements pretty soon!

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