Married Or Single,You Have To Read This…It Will Leave You Shocked!

Recently, a heartbreaking story has gone viral about a married couple who is about to get divorced. Regardless if you are in a relationship or not, you should read this article that will show you how important it is to love, respect, and appreciate the people surrounding you while you still have a chance.


One evening, while the wife was serving dinner, her husband took her hand and told her that he wants a divorce. When she asked him why, he couldn’t answer her question.

He no longer loved her, and he was involved with another woman, so he decided to write a divorce agreement, claiming that his wife would get the house, the car, and 30% of their business. However, when she saw the agreement, she threw it away.

The couple has spent ten years together, so the wife found the idea of getting divorced unacceptable. Nevertheless, she agreed to the divorce under certain conditions.

She didn’t want anything from her husband, but she asked for a month’s notice before the divorce. During this month, she asked him to live as if nothing has happened because their son had tests and she didn’t want to stress him with the situation.

Also, she requested him to carry her to their room just as he did on their wedding day. The husband thought that she was crazy, but he decided to accept her conditions.

On the first day, as the husband carried his wife to the door, their son was happily walking behind them. Then, she closed her eyes and asked him not to tell their son about the divorce.

The next day, she leaned against his chest, and he realized that she was no longer young, thinking that her wrinkles and gray hairs were a notable damage of their marriage.

After a few days, the affection between the spouses started to reappear. The husband noticed that his wife has lost a lot of weight, realizing that he had provoked a great pain and bitterness.

One day, as he was carrying his wife to the door, he felt like the first day of their marriage, and he started changing his mind about the divorce.

He realized that the two of them were still in love, but they were doing everything as a routine, neglecting the small things in their life.

The following day, the husband bought his wife some flowers, as well as a card, saying: “I will carry you every morning until death parts us.”

He returned to his house and he ran up the stairs to see her. But then, he saw that his wife was dead. She was suffering from cancer, and he was too busy to realize that she was ill.

His wife knew that she was dying, and she asked for a month’s notice before the divorce, so that their son wouldn’t have any bad memories of their marriage problems, and that he would think of him as a good husband who loved his wife.

These small details are important in a relationship, rather than the car, the wealth, and the property. So, you should value your relationships without neglecting the little things because you may realize what you have when it’s too late.

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