Natural Battery By Means Of Potato You Can Light Room For A Month

Talking about amazing discoveries, today we have one on the list for you. How would you react is someone told you that potatoes can create electricity?

You would probably not believe it, but it is true! Recently, a group of scientists, headed by Haim Rabinovitch, a doctor in sciences, conducted a research with which they showed that slices of potato quarters, well connected with copper cathode and zinc anode create power so big, it can light up a room with LED lights for around 40 days.

Natural Battery 

Why potatoes, you ask? Potatoes can basically grow everywhere, in all different kinds of climate, including subtropical and even tropical climate.

It is known to be the world’s most abundant crop. It has a solid starch tissue, making it resistant to insects for a long period of time.

Other than being part of a healthy meal, potatoes can create electricity equal to one tenth of that in AA bateries.

But to get one thing clear, the raw potato itself cannot be found as a sole source of power. It acts as a creator of a brigde between the metals, helping the electrons move freely through a wire, thus providing electricity.

Some researchers have even gone out of the box when experimenting on this particular subject. They have found out that by boiling a potato, the resistance of the potato is reduced, resulting in generating up to ten times more energy than from a regular potato battery.

With all it’s previously mentioned properties, the potato is considered to be an ideal energy source. And these findings can definitely benefit millions of people all over the world, especially third world countries and other underdeveloped countries.

The people of the developed countries have been taking for granted light and electricity, and it is time to change that. It is also time to share it with other people, with everyone.

Creating electricity with this method is by far a cheaper version of obtaining electricity. Let’s help the more remote parts of the world by giving them an essential for a decent living.

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