Nobody Knows About These Secret IPhone Codes And Cheats – Here’s How To use Them!

Millions of people nowadays use iPhone. It is an amazing device which can organize your meetings and give reminders. It also has a wonderful camera and its operational system can give answers to all your questions.

Did you know you can block the caller ID and make anonymous calls? This is one of the things iPhone can do for you.

• Block the caller ID – before your dial, add #31# and your number will not be visible for the person you are calling.

• Precise signal strength – To get better signal strength you have to dial *3001#12345#. A list of options will appear which you should ignore. Press the power button and when the power screen appears hold down the home button until the home screen pops up. In this way you will change the bar signals into numbers. The strong signal is between -40 and -80, the bad signal is below these level. It would be great if your signal is around -140.

• Unique identifying number for your phone – every phone has its own unique identifying number. You need to dial #60# and it will appear on the phone screen.

• Where your texts go? – if you think the texts go from phone to a phone, you are wrong. Actually, there is a kind of a middle man. Your texts are conveyed wirelessly to a certain message center by a specific phone number. In order to see that number punch in *#5005*7672# and press dial.

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