One Man Cured The Stage 4 Prostate Cancer And Tells How

I is amazing how a man was told he has several months left to live, but he healed himself from prostate cancer stage 4 using baking soda.

No one would think baking soda can cure cancer. Vernon Johston used it with molasses to remove this cancer type that even did metastases in his bones.

His story

After he got that diagnosis, his son wanted to help him change the pH, since cancer dies in alkaline pH areas. Weeks later, Vernon met a man Larry that told him cesium chloride raises pH and makes high alkaline state in the body.

Vernon wanted to try this and not regular meds and treatments. He gave this a shot. Ordered the cesium chloride, but from mail orders. And it got lost on the way. Vernon decided quickly to try something else for the pH raising. He heard about baking soda and maple syrup. And didn’t have maple at home so he used molasses instead. He was scared, but decided to try it anyway.

He even recorded every treatment in a diary and called it “dance with cancer” ! this included a healthy diet and alkalinity items, also minerals and vitamins and sun exposure too. He even did good breathing techniques to provide more oxygen to cells and raise the pH with baking soda. The anaerobic cancer tissue dies from oxygen.

*Experts claimed so far that every cancer is fed by sugars and die off oxygen exposure. So, use maple syrup since it goes well with the baking soda as combo and kills the cancer quietly like a shock of alkalinity and oxygen. The molasses did the same trick even better maybe. It was a better mineral base area and nutritious too. It is even advised to try more methods like this alternative method for home use. Remember, every such natural method means NO SUGARS AND PROCESSED FOOD.

Recipe for this cancer cure

Easy – just mix 2 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp molasses or maple. Add cup of water and mix. Sip this all day long. Also you can heat this to make it mixed better.

After this, Vernon did a checkup and his prostate cancer was gone believe it or not. He shares this story even nowadays, regardless of the hundreds other alternative and effective cures out there used for centuries back.

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