Pineberries – White Strawberries That Taste Like Pineapples. Here’s How To Grow Them At Home

Even though pineberries might look like albino strawberries they actually are a completely different type of berries. This berry is a hybrid type of the wild strawberry known as Fragaria chiloensis that grows in some areas in Chile, and the North American wild strawberry Fragaria virginiana.

It is a result of cross-breeding, not genetic engineering. The cross-breeding program began a decade ago and it took them around 4 years to place this variety on the market.

The pineberry is very aromatic and tastes much like pineapple, but retains the feel and texture of the strawberry. First, the pineberries are green and then turn white when they become ripe.

They don’t produce a lot of fruit and it is mostly grown in Belize and Europe but on a small scale. It is recommended to grow pineberries in a glass garden and avoid exposing them under direct sunlight.

How to grow your own pineberries

For the people who grow the regular strawberries, growing pineberry will be an easy job.

• Dig over the soil to prepare it, remove perennial weeds and add manure.
• Put the pineberry plant in rows thirty centimeters apart.
• Plant them with the crown at the soil level and water them well.
• Every other day, check the plants during the period of ripening.
• Regularly water them between the rows and plants.

• In May put a straw in the rows and under them to prevent their fruit lie on the ground. This will also keeps the snails away!
• If you can’t get straws use polythene sheeting.
• To ensure great crops apply rotted horse manure after winter and before growing.
• Regularly pick to allow growth.

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