Say Goodbye To Diabetes Forever Without Using Medicine. Consume This Instead!

A man felt constantly extremely thirsty and decided to examine his health condition to detect the cause of it. After being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure 4 years ago.

This man decided to find a cure and treat these health conditions. Doctors gave his insulin therapy, and he started to exercise regularly.

Unfortunately, this failed to provide positive results, as his blood sugar levels were increasing. Then, he watched a TV show called “The Edge of Science”, where the guest, Dr. J. Zirdum, explained that he consumed raw foods only for 12 years.

This was the turning point for this man. He was determined to try the same, bought himself a blender, and started consuming raw foods only.

The first week was quite difficult, but he managed to resist the temptations. This helped him reduce the blood sugar levels, and he decided to quit the insulin therapy and attempt to restore his health with the help of this new diet.

Over time, he started losing weight, and lost even 25 pounds in only one month!

In the next three months, he continued this regime and managed to lose over 50 pounds. What’s more, his triglycerides were 1.4 and the blood pressure was finally 120/70.

He used no medications and managed to enjoy life, completely happy and healthy.

This healthy diet includes lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Note that you can also consume tuna, as it is high in vitamin B12, and it is vital for the proper functioning of the body.



  • 2 kiwis;
  • 5 bananas;
  • 2 apples;
  • Kale (a handful)

Method of preparation:

Blend all the ingredients in the blender, and add half a liter of water.


Drink half of his juice in the morning, and the rest throughout the entire day.

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