Stop!!! Do Not Eat Tuna Ever Again! This Might Happen To You…

Fish is on many people’s everyday diet list, and the most present is tuna fish. It is recommended as a very healthy type of fish, but there are things you probably did not know about it. Tuna is the most harmful fish for consumption.

Even though it is known as a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, it is a fish type exposed to mercury. That is a poisonous material which is disturbing the normal function of the organism. Along with other seafood types and fish, it contains great amounts of methyl and mercury that is causing damage to the central nervous system, especially the first year of life.

It has been vertified that the tuna from the market shelves contains low levels of tuna, however, it would be much better to avoid it, or consume moderate amounts if you want to lower the risks related to the nervous system.

This toxic aterila is accumulated in the meat of different fish while they are wtill in the water is contaminated industrially. This generates a progressive deterioration in the cognitive system of people. Tuna is gathered of different oceans and most of them are contaminated already whether it is radiation similar to Fukushima.

Tuna intake can generate the appearance of cancer.

With this article, we are not suggesting that you stop eating tuna, but try and limit its intake and reduce the risks of possible health threats.

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