Take Vitamin D For 3 Months And All Diseases Will Disappear!

According to statistics and research, about 70% of American children and 75% of American adults don’t consume enough vitamin D. We get most of this vitamin through the sun and its incredibly important for our body and prevention of different diseases.

Consuming vitamin D every day is vital for your health and will provide numerous health benefits. According to some experts, it may even be the missing link in the cure for cancer!

Vitamin D deficiency is more common than you think and can be recognized by numerous signs.

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which is stored in the liver and fatty tissues. This means that extra body fat can absorb vitamin D and prevent it from being used. The vitamin differs from other vitamins as our body produces it on its own. While there are foods that contain the vitamin, we get most of it from the sun. Eating vitamin D-rich foods also helps to increase the levels of the vitamin in your body and prevent certain diseases.

Vitamin D plays a big role in calcium absorption in the bones. Vitamin D deficiency can result in osteomalacia or rickets, and significantly increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractured bones. The deficiency has also been linked to increased risk of cancer.

Health problems caused by vitamin D deficiency


Consume more vitamin D to improve the function of your lungs and prevent conditions such as asthma.


As we already mentioned, vitamin D deficiency is linked to this condition. When combined with calcium in the body, vitamin D reinforces the bones and prevents fractures and other bone problems.


Vitamin D can strengthen your immune system and help you fight numerous diseases.

Heart health

Heart problems as well as high blood pressure are related to vitamin D deficiency, which is why you should consume more of it.


According to a recent study, children who suffer from allergies also suffer from vitamin D deficiency.


Vitamin D deficiency has links to depression which have been confirmed by several studies.

In order to increase your vitamin D intake, you should eat more salmon, mackerel, halibut, tuna, fortified milk, orange juice, cereal, dried shitake mushrooms. Take care of your vitamin D levels in order to keep your body healthy.

The recommended daily dosage of vitamin D is 400-800 IU (International Units) per day if you’re under 50 years, and 800-1000 IU for people over 50.

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