Tamarind Fruit: 7 Amazing Health Benefits You Shouldn’t Ignore!

It is the most common fruit used in various recipes in almost all the parts of the world. Starting with Africa, it is where the tamarind originated, but now it can be found in many parts of the world, mostly in Asia. The highest consumption being in India in many recipes of the daily food. It is also a taste to eat with salt and pepper. It gives an awesome taste where you will start licking your finger tips. I remember of my school days, where the tamarind was my most favorite fruit. In the break time, me with my friends used to collect money and buy tamarinds, or sometimes used to throw stones on trees for tamarind. It was a great fun but even the taste of the tamarind was too good and was affordable to do such a mischievous thing.

It has also many health benefits included in it

1.Treating in the inflammation of joints

Aged people often suffer with this problem and are controlled by the help of tamarind. You may find for some extreme good medicines, but there is no better medicine as tamarind due to its properties of anti-inflammatory properties. The interleukin chemical which is responsible for arthritis can be controlled by tamarind by giving a protection shield to the bones and joints.

  • Immune system developer
  • Rich In vitamin C
  • Antioxidant property – keeps the infections away
  • Controls the free radicals responsible for development of cancer cells
  • Is known as the immune system booster

Contains another property called anti-microbial. The mixture of anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory is of great influence in ailments and infections.

The virus entering the body due to weather changes can be prevented by consuming tamarinds regularly.

  • This makes the immune system to build stronger and healthier
  • Kidney purifier
  • It is the best detoxifying agent
  • It is rich in potassium and contains cleansing properties
  • These properties help to flush the toxic substance away present in the kidney.
  • Hence it keeps the kidneys safe by its special properties.

2.Eyesight is improved

Tamarind consumption on regular basis is good for your eye health and makes your vision better.

  • Tamarind is rich in vitamin A
  • Beat-carotene required for better eyesight is found in tamarind.
  • It helps In reducing the risk of macular degeneration
  • Tamarind is helpful in curing dry eyes.

3.Hair loss treatment

  • The best treatment for hair loss
  • The tamarind pulp liquid is applied to the scalp to enable the cells and help in growth of hair
  • The tamarind pulp liquid is obtained by placing it in water and then squeezing the pulp to form a paste
  • This paste mixed with liquid is applied all over the scalp and allowed to remain for about an hour
  • Later it can be washed away with Luke warm water.


Are you a diabetic patient? And looking for natural remedy in tamarind? yes! There is a natural remedy in tamarind due to its special properties. You can find yourself below;

  • It is the best natural medicine for diabetes
  • The tamarind paste can be utilized available in the market if there is no availability of tamarinds around you
  • This tamarind paste is mixed with the different type of herbs and jamun to keep your diabetes in control.
  • This above given solution will be a best medicine for your diabetes. After taking for a good period of time, you can notice the changes.

5.Good for heart

  • Tamarind is high in potassium level. Hence it is helpful in reducing blood pressure level.
  • Cholesterol level in the body is controlled by tamarind due to the presence of fiber in it.
  • As said above, the free radicals are in check which causes cancer cells and also are harmful to heart.
  • Cholesterol is the main reason for heart related problems and this is reduced- resulting in a good heart
  • These all properties of tamarind help your heart to stay healthy and in a good functional state.
  • It is also used an ayurvedic medicine in all types of heart related problems.

Many people are concerned about their health and have a mental feeling that only by spending more money they will have a better health! But this is complete false statement. Your health is in your hands- said by many people including our ancestors. This means that we are surrounded by the solution but we don’t find it instead wasting the money on unnecessary hospital bills. Have a watch in your kitchen, you’ll find all the medicines there!

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