The 10 Benefits Of Lemon Water

To drink this water is really healthy. Early before breakfast is the best way, to be hydrated, alkalized and detoxed.

This water has many nutrients like minerals and vitamins; vitamin A, B, C, pectin, fibers,  carbs, protein.

It also acts antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and antifungal and improves the general immunity.

How to make it and take it?

You need to:

Cut a lemon in 2 and squeeze the juice. Put it in a glass and add lukewarm water. Add honey if you like it better for the aroma. Drink first thing in the morning after you wake up. After 30 minutes, have a breakfast.

The 10 benefits are:

  1. Good digestion- lemon makes the body produce more bile in the liver so the digestion is much better. Also, you get rid of toxins. There is less heartburn, belching, bloating. Less diarrhea, constipation and better bowels too.
  2. Weight loss- after this water, you feel fuller and refreshed. You get less cravings during the day and lose weight easier. The belly is alkalized and metabolism boosted.
  3. Good for the skin- when taken regularly, it makes skin beautiful. It makes the body create new cells and cleanse the toxins of every other cell. Also, it removes the bad free radicals and gives you the antioxidant vitamin C to look young. Mix the water with honey and give the skin some vitamin and collagen health bomb.
  4. Good immunity- since it has a lot of vitamin C and keeps immunity good, we do not get flu and cold as often. Also, the body gets the iron of food much better than before.
  5. Mouth odor- it makes you produce more saliva and fight off germs in the mouth. Also, cleanses the white layer on the tongue while we sleep. This is due to decayed food remains and these also make mouth odor as well.
  6. Balancing pH- this water has high pH and good acids. It makes the body alkalized and removes uric acid excess from the joints which causes inflammation.
  7. More energy- the vitamins B and C and the carbs, proteins and phosphorus in this water will energize you. Hydrated, oxygenized – the body is perfect this way.
  8. Throat infections- the lemon acts like antibacterial agent and cures the sores and tonsillitis. On empty stomach, this will relieve this problem and also the asthma. Gargle with lemon water.
  9. Leveled blood pressure- the lymph system is better cleansed and hydrated. Also, you deal with stress easier since it has magnesium in the content. Due to this, you sleep better and the pressure is not high.
  10. Urinary infections- this water is cleansing diuretic and flushes toxins and bacteria. It has citric acid which cleanses and women who have these issues can benefit a lot from it.
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