The Harmful Effects Of Microwave Cooking

Regardless the fact they are one of the most used technological wonders of the new world, and are shortening the time of preparing a dish or defrosting/heating one in fact. Yet, this fast method of heating up your dish does not come without a side effect.

Many researches so far have proven how people more often turn to eating processed food instead of the unprocessed one.

The amount of processed food people annually consumes is indeed alarming, not taking care about the amount of nutritive value of the food they kill when processing it.

Harmful Effects of Microwave Cooking

But on the other hand, there are researches which have proven how microwaves are one of the worst kitchen gadgets considering the fact that they contribute to increasing the risk of intestinal cancerous cells as well as stomach and blood cancer cells. And the side effects don’t end up here.

Even though these micro-ovens work biochemically, physiologically and physically, producing various free radical and ions, which contribute to destroying viruses and bacteria in food, yet the heating cannot reach to the toxins and microtoxins.

Experts tell how the food processed in a microwave loses from 60 up to 90 percent of its nutritive value, changing the nutrient substances which can later lead to digestive diseases.

Being a source of electromagnetic energy, which is a source of nonionizing electronically generated radiation, it makes a serious threat to a person’s health, leading to serious illnesses such as cataracts, cancer and birth defects.

The radiation in microwaves which accelerates the rapid temperature growth, results in a trigger of an inner rotation of the water molecules found in the food bringing it to boil.

This is due to the fact that the oxygen of water molecules reacts most sensitively of all natural substances.

Another negative effect of microwaves is that they quickly destroy the phytonutritients which are plant medicines and the delicate molecules of vitamins naturally found in food and which the organism mostly needs.

Processing the food in them, in fact denatures many of the essential proteins in the food, resulting in making them indigestible. No organic molecules, cells or atoms will be able to withstand that harsh power for any extended period of time.

A frequent use of processed food in microwaves can cause infertility in men.

Check out some of the best researches which proved the negative effect of microwaves on food
  • After the Soviet scientists discovered that the exposure of food in a microwave reduces the metabolic stress of the alactoses, alkaloids, and glycosides, decreasing the ability of the most important vitamins to be absorbed by the human body, the Soviet Union banned the usage of microwaves in the households in 1976.
  • Another survey, conveyed by the Spanish government in 2003 proved how fruits and vegetables lost 97 percent of their most nutritive substances (the ones which boost the immune system, prevent disease and enhance health) when cooked in a microwave, increasing the coronary disease factor.
  • It’s also proven how the amino acid in food transforms into toxic forms, undergoing isometric changes and changes in shape morphing when processed in microwaves. This study was published in “The Comparative Study of Food Prepared Conventionally and in the Microwave Oven” in 1992.
  • Dr. Lee on the other hand observing the changes which happen to the molecules, has come to a conclusion that the electromagnetic radiation converts the nutritive substances to carcinogenic and organ-toxic products.
The harmful effects of the microwave on the nutritive elements in food and a human’s health at the same time
  • Degeneration of the cellular voltage parallels, especially in the lymphatic areas;
  • A loss of vital energies in plants, animals and humans located within a 500 meter radius of the microwave;
  • Loss of balance and circuiting of the bioelectric strengths;
  • An interruption and destabilization in the production of hormones and maintenance ofhormonal balance in both females and males;
  • High levels of brainwave disturbances (in the alpha, theta and delta wave signal patterns) leading to negative psychological effects such as deceleration of the intellectual processes, loss of ability to concentrate, loss of memory, interruptive sleep episodes and suppressed emotional threshold.
  • Among the nutritive values of the food it was noticed that a structural degradation has appeared decreasing food value from between 60-90 percent of the food. The alkaloids, glucosides, nitrilosides and galactosides are all converted to carcinogens, and the bio availability of the vitamins is significantly decreased.

Stop poisoning your body using the microwave which only worsens the nutritional value of every food reacting in a total deterioration in the human system.

Not only it has a negative impact on the physical systems, but the radiation can have a negative impact on the human’s psych as well.

Therefore, you should consider turning to the old traditional way of eating as much raw food as possible.

There are tons of diseases discovered in the new age and all due to these gadgets who from one side can shorten the time for preparing a meal, saving you energy, but from the other side have harsh effects on the human’s body.

Other methods of heating the food without processing the nutritional and structural value can be found, such is – placing it in an iron plate or pan and put it over the stove.

Next time, try this instead of placing your food in a microwave.

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