The Positive Effects Received With The Usage Of Lemongrass

Lemongrass represents a perennial plant known for its slender, long leaves. Usually it can be discovered in the countries from Asia. You can suggest by its name that the lemongrass smell in the exact same way such as the smell of the fruit lemon, however the taste is different because the lemongrass has a lot more milder and sweeter taste. Lemongrass is also known under the name of fever grass and it is as we said before, an herb which is mostly used into the Asian cuisine due to its very nice smell as well as strong flavor.

When it comes to the nutrition, the lemongrass is filled and enriched with vitamin C and vitamin A. Plus, it is also consisted of magnesium, zinc, folic acid, manganese, potassium, copper, calcium, iron and also phosphorous. At the end, we can also say that lemongrass has some small amounts of B vitamins.Moreover, if we take aside its usage into the cooking processes, lemongrass can be also used as complementary and alternative medicine for a bunch of different health conditions.


Lemongrass represents an extremely helpful herb for the digestive system. It has antiseptic characteristics which eliminate the bad and harmful bacteria as well as parasites which have the ability of invading the digestive system which can get the same place of the good bacteria discovered into the colon.

The lemongrass has a lot of positive effects which give aid in curing the most usual digestive issues like for example, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, vomiting, abdominal cramps, pain in the belly and flatulence. Moreover, lemongrass has antimicrobial characteristics which are helpful in alleviating the pain from issues such as gastroenteritis.

If you want to get the best results, then you should consume tea lemongrass every day. However, kids are not allowed having tea made of lemongrass.


Lemongrass makes better the anti-cholesterol qualities which lower to a great extent the absorption rate of cholesterol all together with the intestinal tract. Furthermore, lemongrass helps into the oxidative process of the bad cholesterol into the bloodstream, therefore is stops with great effects the gathering of plaque all together with the walls of the blood vessels.

As one study showed, people who have high cholesterol levels and who decided to use 140 mg of capsules of lemongrass supplement discovered having important lowering in the levels of the cholesterol all together. Also, the big levels of potassium in the lemongrass are also helpful in making the pressure of the blood normal.


The constant intake of the lemongrass is of big aid when it comes to the cleaning and detoxification of the body completely. It is consisted of diuretic effects that give a lot of aid when it comes to the effective elimination of toxins, uric acid as well as the bad cholesterol from the bloodstream which then appears to have higher urinary frequency. The normal urinary patterns are helpful in keeping the kidneys clean.

The tea made of lemongrass has a bunch of characteristics for cleaning different organs such as kidneys, bladder, liver, and pancreas. Plus, it is vital when it comes to making better the circulation of the blood.


Lemongrass has also antifungal and antibacterial characteristics which are of aid to the body in getting used to the signs of flu, colds, cough as well as fever. It is filled with vitamin C, therefore it is of big aid in improving the immune system, plus it lowers the risk of infection.

Moreover, lemongrass is very good and strong when it comes to breaking down to mucus and phlegm that may have gathered up through the course of cold and flu.

People who suffer from asthma and bronchitis are advised to drink tea of lemongrass cause it gives a bunch of benefits and positive things to them.


Lemongrass is of big aid when it comes to combating against cancer cells. Citral represents a part of lemongrass which stimulates apoptosis-that is death of cancer cells without showing any adverse effects over the cells which are healthy. According to one study, lemongrass has been used for people who have to take chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy.

According to one research from 2008 it was pointed out that citral which has been discovered as to be apart from the lemongrass it slows down the growth of the cancer cells in breasts.

Lemongrass in a combination with antioxidants is very helpful in reducing the risk of appearance of cancer with the process of elimination of free radicals.


Lemongrass has also anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic characteristics which show this as to be the greatest medicine for people who suffer have problems with debilitating conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, gout as well as some other conditions which involve the joints also. The anti-inflammatory characteristics that lemongrass has are helpful in slowing down the activity and actions of the enzymes which are the responsible ones for causing pain and swelling into the joints.


Mums who breastfeed their babies are suggested to consume beverages which consist of lemongrass. This is an extremely strong herb which is consisted of galatctogogue characteristics which make better the production of milk. The lemongrass has also antimicrobial characteristics which are of big aid for keeping the baby in good shape and having great health in way of protecting them from any kind of infection as they grow.


Lemongrass is known for its antidepressant properties as well, therefore this makes this herb to be an amazing beverage for people who have issues and suffer from depression. The lemongrass is filled with natural compounds that make easier the release of serotonin inside the bloodstream. The beverages made of lemongrass represent beverages for making the mood of people better, so due to this fact of having higher amount of serotonin when consuming this beverage you may expect having better mood, better confidence, as well as having much better mental health, all of these appears as a result after consuming every day the tea of lemongrass.

Furthermore, lemongrass is enriched with citronella which represents a chemical compound that is famous for the soothing effects it has for both the body and mind. Plus, it represents an amazing help when having issues with the sleeping!


An diluted oil made of lemongrass represents an amazing deodorant as well. As some researches have pointed out the deodorant made of oil of lemongrass it has a lot of amazing effects and probably much better effects opposed to the effects of traditional deodorants discovered onto the beauty counters.

Citral, is the name of the most essential and the main chemical compound inside the lemongrass, this has aromatic qualities which make the bad smell to not be felt that much. It makes better the anti-microbal characteristics which control the profuse sweating and at the same time point out the increased number of microorganisms which are the ones to be blames for the not so pleasant smell.


Lemongrass represents an amazing medicine for the skin due to the fact that it is of great aid when it comes to curing symptoms connected with the problems of the skin such as large pores to fungal infections. Lemongrass has antifungal, antibacterial as well as antiseptic characteristics which limit the growth of bacteria on the skin. Moreover, lemongrass is consisted also of astringent qualities which makes it to be an amazing medicine when used for minimizing pores. Plus, it is excellent for the limitation of the secretion of oils which brings to having strong and soft skin.

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