The Secret To Relieving Back Pain Is In Your Feet! Do These 5 Exercises For Just 15 Minutes

If you ever thought that feet are less important body part, then you’re deeply wrong! When it comes to physical activity, they are the most overwhelm and hard working part of the body. They’re backing your movements and if you take care of them, you’ll prevent yourself from back, knee and hip pain as well.

Acupressure is a therapy developed over 5.000 years ago, as a relevant aspect of Asian, particularly Chinese medicine. It works with precise ánger placement and pressure over clear-cut along the body. These points follow particular channels, familiar as meridians- the same channels used in acupuncture.

The following 5 exercises will help you prevent pain, strengthen your feet, improve your balance:

1.Toe press

You should warm up your leg muscles before you start with any exercise. A tremendous way to warm up your feet is with toe presses. While standing, lightly bend your knees then grip the âoor with your toes. Stay in that position and count to three. Repeat this exercise 3 times a day doing 10 sets each time.

2.Toe walking

This exercise can be done by everyone. You shouldn’t be a ballerina in order to be able to do it. Toe walking strengthens the toe muscles, the muscles around the balls of your feet, and ligaments as well. It is elementary, all you need to do is stay on your tiptoes and move forward for 20 seconds. Then take a rest for 10-15 seconds and do it again 5 more times. For better results, do it two times in a day.

3.Ankle circles

It is crucial for you for your, the ankle to be âexible and mobile. Restricted and tight ankle may be as a result of overload of the body, causing joint and muscle pain. Tight muscles can be a cause for knee, hip and back pain.

To do this exercise you need to lie on your back and extend one leg over your head. Later, rotate the extended leg’s ankle clockwise and count to 10. Repeat this for the other leg.

4.Resisted Flexion

This exercise is átting for the small muscles in the foot that are crucial for maintaining balance.

As the result of this exercise you can get your muscles tighten and it also can help in prevention of injures.

For this exercise you’ll need an exercise band. Sit on the âoor and straighten your feet in front of you. Later, wrap the exercise band around the bedpost and put the band in top of your feet. Lean backwards until the band is tight.

Next, band your foot backwards, hold in that position and count to 5, then rest and do it 10 more times.

5.Toe Pencil Pickups

These exercises are very simple and they can be done everywhere. Put a pencil on the âoor and then try to lift it off the âoor. Then hold for 10 seconds and release it. It takes about 15 minutes to achieve this exercise áve times for the both feet.

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