The World Is Horrfied: Angelina Never Looked Even Worse, She Has Only 35 Pounds!

She all of a sudden lost weight and threaten her dangerous diseases …

As the world’s media are reporting Angelina Jolie is absolutely on the verge of anorexia, and her basic health is extremely distressing. The actress is now lowered to just 35 pounds.


The tabloid paper “National Enquirer” released a photo of Angelina underweight describing that she declined to consume and she is in threat of cancer.

Its expert judgment offered by the doctor Stuart Fischer, who believes that Angelina does not suffer from anorexia, however from cachexia.

— Cachexia includes weight loss, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness and loss of appetite which considerably increases the opportunity of death– he explained.

However, her household revealed shortly after these photographs were published mentioning that the actress is well, in spite of the apparent loss of weight, which the whole story is exaggerated by the media.

On the other hand, a source near the starlet stated that Angelina is in an awful state due to the fact that Bred acquitted of kid abuse, and that horrifies her even the recommendation that she might not share custody of their kids with him.

— Brad and their six children are really concerned about her convenience and health. Angelina chooses not to consume, and she has just 35 pounds. She looks malnourished and exhausted, and is pale– stated the source.

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