This Drink Is Destroying Your Thyroid, And You Probably Drink It Every Day

Many people believe that soy milk is a lot healthier and much better option than regular milk, since many nutritionists recommend it for everyday consumption.

However, this is not true. Not long ago, it was proven that soy milk may have dangerous effect over our general health.

Besides all these discoveries, many people in the USA are still drinking it and they also eat soy; they actually believe that these products are healthy and nutritious.

That is why we present you some facts about soy milk and why it can cause damage in our organism and thus ruin our health.

Why You Should Not Drink Soy Milk?

• Soybeans contain substance which causes clots that are also called hemagglutinin. This can cause clumped red blood cells.

• Soybeans also contain phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) that obstructs the endocrine function and this is related to breast cancer and female infertility.

• Soy foods also contain a lot of toxic aluminum that harms our kidneys and nervous system. It is also related to appearance of Alzheimer’s disease.

• They also contain a lot of anti-nutrients and natural toxins. This means that if you drink just two glasses of this milk you can experience adverse effects on your menstrual cycle.

• The production of soy milk includes high temperatures so the textured soy protein and soy protein isolate can get out of the delicate soy proteins. All these conditions may cause serious harm to our health.

• According to certain studies it was discovered that soy consumption can increase the need of vitamin D and vitamin B12.

• Soy contains toxic isoflavones and some of them are daidzein and genistein. They support the growth of breast cancer and that is why they are extremely dangerous for people who suffer from breast cancer.

• One of the most pesticide contaminated foods is soy and it is 99 % GMO.

• Soy contains one vitamin that is similar to vitamin B12. However, our body is not able to process this compound and that is why soy food can actually cause lack of vitamin B12.

• Phytic acid can inhibit the digestion of calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium. And we are sure that you know by now that soy and its products contain a lot of them.

Dangers of the Carrageenan in Soy Milk

A lot of studies have proven that the food-grade carrageenan which is present in soy milk can cause colon cancer, ulceration, lesions, gastrointestinal inflammation in lab rats, which is really disturbing.

The American Diabetes Association says that one new research actually discovered the connection between glucose resistance and insulin in lab rats and the usage of food-grade carrageenan.

We hope that all facts from this post are good enough for you to become aware that soy and its products are very dangerous for your health. That is why we recommend you to stop consuming them!

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