This Filipino Doctor Discovered A Cure For Diabetes, You’ll Only Need 5 Minutes

Nowadays diabetes is a disease that can have serious consequences which can be life-threatening if you do not treat it properly.

It has become a very common and serious disease that affects people of all genders and ages. The worst part about it is that once you develop diabetes you have to continue with a life-long treatment. The disease will progress and sometimes it can cause nerve damage, kidney damage, blindness and amputations.

International Diabetes Federation, made e report and one of the most emerging hotspots of diabetes is Philippines. Even though an extensive research was made in an effort to find a proper cure for this disease, nothing new was discovered yet. The only discovery that was made is insulin.

Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco – metabolic medicine doctor, says that he discovered the cure for diabetes. In order to make the cure you need only 5 minutes. The doctor has 82 years, he comes from the Philippines and he says that the underlying cause for diabetes is the lack of important minerals in our body, and not sugar. If our body has the proper amount of the essential 6 minerals you will be able to eat as much sweets as you want.

So, based on this information, he created a special recipe which will give your body the proper minerals and it will be able to fight against diabetes.


• 12 Chili pepper
• ½ teaspoon of sea salt
• 2 raw eggs


Cut and grind the chili peppers. Add the peppers in the raw eggs and season with sea salt. Drink the entire mixture. You can make the drink in no time and the results are amazing. Try this recipe and share your results with us.

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