This “HEALTHY” Food can Cause Brain Damage & Breast Cancer

People who are concerned with their dieting plan have often turned to what was thought to be a healthier option, and that is tofu, and have turned their back against meat and eggs.

Even though people have been convinced by the soy industry that it is a healthier approach, they are wrong.

Brain Damage & Breast Cancer

Actually, in the entire process of creating tofu there are so many things done wrong. This method unfortunately fails to remove all the “bad nutrients” there are in tofu and leaves the properties which lead do bad health.

Issues caused by soy diet

By implementing this diet you can disrupt the behavior of your body and cause some serious issues, such as develop a soy allergy, cancer, damage to the brain, hair loss, loss of libido, premature puberty and issues in development, fatigue, gaining weight, heart diseases and even birth abnormalities.

Birth abnormalities are very often seen where the pregnant women tended to hold this particular diet.

People, well, parents, need to be aware of the fact that their children and babies should be protected from any soy food, giving the fact that the estrogenic equivalent to what an infant consumes comes around to 5 pills a day. Think twice before you feed your children soy food.

Why you should avoid soy

Soy beans are filled with natural toxins which destroy the necessary enzymes for protein digestion. These toxins cannot be destroyed with cooking and that is why they are dangerous.

They can lead to pancreatic diseases or even cancer. Furthermore, most of the soy foods are GMO. They also contain properties which prevent the absorption of iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc, can lead to depressed thyroid function, and create disruption in the red blood cells.

A couple of safe ways to consume soy

The first product is tempeh. It is a cake, mushroom-flavored with a firm texture. Next we have miso,which is a paste consisted of salty and buttery mixture.

Following, we have natto, which has a sort of a cheesy taste, and soy sauce, but this last one is the trickiest one, because there are certain varieties which can be made out of artificial substances.

So, at the end, one should definitely avoid foods such as soy burgers, milk, cheese, ice cream, energy bar, all these products made out of soy, because they are not good for you.

The best advice that could be given here is to avoid all foods containing soy, and all processed foods overall. Make sure to buy fresh and unprocessed food, and prepare it on your own at home. And remember, stay healthy.

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