This Is How You Can Detect The Chinese Garlic Laden With Chemicals And Bleached

The garlic that you eat in the restaurants or that you buy from the markets usually comes from China. This can be quite dangerous!
One third of the garlic in America in 2014 came from China. This includes fresh, chilled and dried garlic.


This garlic lacks quality. Moreover, the manner in which is grown is terrible.

Most farmers in China use illegal pesticides to treat the garlic during the farming process. The pesticides that are illegal, but the farmers still secretly use to save money, effort and time are parathion and phorate. These pesticides are banned by the Chinese government because they are highly toxic.

Moreover, the soil and the pollution in China is also a huge issue. The Chinese soil contains heavy metals such as arsenic and cadmium, huge amounts of fertilizers and large amounts of pesticides. To add, the rivers in China contain household waste and chemical from the industry.

Detection of Chinese garlic

It is not safe to consume Chinese garlic, so spot it by these things:

• Chinese garlic does not have a stem or root because it is cut to save weight for shipping. So, buy garlic that has a stem or a root.
• Chinese garlic is lighter.
• According to brix flavor measurement, Chinese garlic measures 28 out of 40, while garlic from California measures 40 out of 40. So, Chinese garlic has poorer taste.
• The safest garlic is the one bought from a local farmer or the one grown in your own garden.

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