This Man Said Goodbye To Diabetes Without Using Medicine. He Consumed Only…

A man was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes 4 years ago, and he was subjected to daily treatments with numerous oils. However, he decided to try a natural therapy and started consuming raw fruit and vegetables which cured the condition in just a short time!

He discovered he had diabetes completely by surprise. After noticing that he felt thirsty all the time, he went to his doctor and was shocked to learn that he was suffering from the condition! His blood sugar level was incredibly high (29) and his doctor also told him that his pancreas has been completely destroyed. He was prescribed insulin therapy for the rest of his life. Of course, he started it in order to control the condition and also became more physically active.

But, after a while, his condition got worse, and he also developed other health problems as well, which led to new medications and elevated triglyceride levels. He was in a bad condition, so having nothing to lose, he decided to turn a new page in his life and solve all of his health problems.

On New Year’s eve, he saw a science show on TV on which Dr. John Zirdum talked about how he consumed only raw foods for 12 years. The man decided to do the same immediately. He bought a blender and started juicing. Of course, it wasn’t easy – he was tempted during the first week, but he endured and soon his blood sugar levels dropped to 5!

He was amazed by the results and after a while completely got off his medications. He even stopped his insulin therapy and his blood levels were stable due to his new lifestyle! In only less than a month, he was able to lose 11 kg. and was dropping weight fast!

In 4 months, he became a completely new person – he weighed 20 kg. less, took no insulin shots, stabilized his blood pressure and lowered his triglyceride levels thanks to juicing. Here’s his favorite recipe:


  • 2 apples
  • 2 kiwis
  • 5 bananas
  • A handful of kale


Preparing the juice is very easy – slice the ingredients and put them in a bowl, then pour half a liter of water over them.


Drink half a liter of this amazing juice in the morning and continue drinking it throughout the day. The amount of the ingredients should last for the entire day.


Besides the juice, eat fresh fruit and vegetables and tuna since it contains high levels of vitamin B12 which the body needs. This combination will keep you full and prevent cravings.

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